Bruins Habs Final Thoughts

The Bruins pulled out the win in a pretty un-entertaining game. It definitely did not have the feel of a Bruins Canadiens game, but then again the Bruins were without Lucic who brings it every game. While the score was 3-2, the Canadiens were never really in the game. Both of their goals came off plays where you were dozing off to sleep and then boom the Canadiens scored a weak goal. Other than their two goals they really had no other scoring chances aside from their 3 on 1 chance in the 2nd. Marshmont found the net on a pretty pass from Seguin who played hard the entire night. We’ll take the two points and move on with our lives. On a side note I was very unimpressed with Jack Edwards. I guess everyone in the Bruins organization decided to take the night off tonight. He did have a great Jack Edwards moment on the first goal stating “when this Bruins team smells blood in the water, they go straight for the jugular”. If that guy put as much effort into brushing his teeth as he did in his commentating he’d be calling every major sporting event in America. Theres a reason they only show his face two times a game and that’s even two times too many. Bruins are off to play the Panthers on Friday, and if they show up and play like they did tonight, they will not be as fortunate.


What do you think?

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