NBA Season

You should all know off the bat, I hate the NBA. It’s 10 guys playing one on one for 48 minutes, nothing like how it used to be. And ever since Allen Iverson left the league I have lost much interest. But this year could be the year the Sixers make a push deep into the playoffs.I mean we all know Lebron is going to win this year since he always plays really good 3 quarters of the season, but hopes are high for the Sixers. Young Evan Turner is a year older as well as point guards Jrue Holiday and Lou Williams. I know I say it every year but I honestly do believe this year the Sixers can compete for the Division. The Celtics are old, and I mean old. And with the shortened season, the Celtics have to play a ton of back to back games throughout the year, and it’s not easy for guys that old to play games on back to back days, plain and simple. They also lost Jeff Green who was looking to be their 6th man so things aren’t looking too good for the Celts at least for now. The only one who doesnt seem to be aging is Tommy Heinson who couldn’t age faster. He’s got the annoyance of Joe Buck and the brain capacity of John Madden. Chris Paul and Kobe are going at it right now in L.A. and I really could care less. I along with much of the country would rather watch the lights go on and off in San Francisco right now than that game, mostly just because it’s hard to get into basketball until football is over. Look for the Sixers to get off to a hot start this season and Lou Williams to suprise a lot of folks this year off the bench.


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