It’s Merry Christmas to Me

It’s Christmas Eve and I have held it in long enough. I am so sick and tired of hearing Happy Holidays and how people are offended by Merry Christmas. We are in America. 60-75% of our country identify themselves as Christian. On December 25th, our society recognizes the day as Christmas Day. It isn’t Happy Holiday Day, it isn’t any other holiday either. Why is it such a big deal for commercials to recognize Christmas? Like my good friend Obee talked about, some communities are even putting up Christmas trees and calling them Holiday trees so they don’t offend anyone. Um hello. If you are offended by a Christmas tree and people saying Merry Christmas then you are truly ignorant. If someone walked up to me and said Happy Hanukkah I would say “Oh thanks same to you”. I don’t celebrate Hanukkah im not Jewish but that doesn’t mean I have to be offended by another religions holiday. You don’t see the people who are complaining about Christmas complaining that they don’t have to go in to work every year on December 25th. How about if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then you go to work on the 25th. It’s only fair right?

I have nothing against any other religion, but I just can’t understand what this whole fuss is about. Saying Merry Christmas should not offend you. If you don’t celebrate Christmas and someone says hey Merry Christmas, just take it and deal with it. I am offended by the term Happy Holidays. I don’t celebrate multiple holidays. I celebrate Christmas. Bring Christmas back. I think I am going to head down to city hall and put up a nativity scene, say one nation under God, and Tebow the rest of the day. To those celebrating Christmas tomorrow, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Santa is good to you. If you aren’t celebrating Christmas but don’t get offended by our Christian holiday then I hope you have a great day tomorrow. If you are offended by Merry Christmas, wake up tomorrow morning and go to work, and I will be putting in my request for your religions holidays off when I go back to work.


What do you think?

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