Welp. That was Embarassing

So unfortunately, because I live in New England, I wasn’t able to watch the Broncos game. I like to think of it as a Christmas miracle. But I pretty much got everything completely wrong in my post earlier this week about what would happen this weekend. Denver got blown out, Tebow threw 4 picks. Pretty embarrassing considering Buffalo lost at home to the Dolphins last week. With that being said, I am not surprised. Listen, Tebow’s mojo runs on Jesus’ interest in every game. Would you want to work just hours before you’re two thousand eleventh birthday? I don’t think so. The fact that Jesus doesn’t even have a retirement plan is just beyond me. You have illegal immigrants getting food stamps and social security and Jesus has worked miracles for over two thousand years and the guy still has to work.

With that being said, lets just give Tim a break here. He wasn’t into the game at all. He was probably spending all week getting the final touches ready for his best friends birthday party on Sunday. If Jesus can turn water into wine I have no doubts that he can lead the Broncos to a Super Bowl. If Tebow played flawlessly every week and the Broncos won every week, Jesus’s cover would be blown. It’s kind of like if we all saw Santa, then all would be lost. Have faith. Tebow will win next week and the Broncos will make the playoffs.


Happy Birthday Jesus!


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