Monarchs vs. P-Bruins

Tonight’s game started off in a unsual way. Two fights in four seconds. Bruins enforcer Lane MacDermid squared off in a disappointing “fight” to start the game, ending almost as soon as it started. The following face-off, Marc Cantin and Monarchs Rob Mignardi dropped the gloves for a good bout. 36 seconds later, Justin Johnson scored his first goal of the season. Coincidence that the Monarchs biggest enforcer scores seconds after two fights? The game quickly settled down, and Linden Vey seemed to be all over the ice for the Monarchs, nearly scoring on a few great chances in the first period. Vey finally found the back of the net on a beautiful set-up pass from Thomas Hickey 6 minutes into the 2nd period, but he was quickly answered by Providence’s Josh Hennessy. It was all Monarchs after that. Robby Czarnick and J.D. Watt added goals in the 2nd to give the Monarchs a nice 4-1 cushion going into the 3rd period.
Lane MacDermid seemed to be out to hit every guy in sight in the 3rd. I guess I would be like that too if half of my ice time was spent in the penalty box. Johnson tried to go after MacDermid after a questionable hit in the corner with the clock winding down, but MacDermid clearly wanted nothing to do with him. The game ended with a scuffle, and it looks like the Monarchs and Bruins will be ringing in the New Year in a good one on Saturday night.


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