What to Look Forward to in 2012

As we all know, 2011 is coming to an end at midnight tonight. Thank god. 2011 saw the United States rack up more debt than in the last 200 years combined, but on the bright side the Bruins won the Stanley Cup. Since 2011 pretty much sucked in my opinion, I am going to give you the top 5 things I am looking forward to in 2012.

5. Season 5 of Mad Men- If you haven’t watched Mad Men before, you are missing out on probably the best show on television. Don Draper is the man, and working in an advertising agency where you drink all day and get paid is awesome. You have a few weeks before the new season starts so go on Netflix and catch up.



4. Summer Olympics in London- I’m not sure why but I was really into the last Summer Olympic games. Maybe it was just because of Michael Phelps but I am excited to watch again this year. Hopefully Jerome Simpson will be representing the USA in gymnastics so we can finally beat those 10 year olds from China. Simpson’s frontflip last week could have cleared ten of those Chinese girls easily. I wonder if Phelps is in the years Olympics? Probably not since he’s been pokin the smot lately.


3. Season 5 of Jersey Shore- I am excited for Jersey Shore to be over. I do enjoy the show but it is embarrassing. The fact that these idiots are making hundreds of thousands of dollars to make a fool of themselves makes me want to throw up/ sign up to be on the next season. Get drunk, fight people, and visit other countries and get paid for it sounds pretty good but thank god it’s the last season. Salud to that.


2. Barak Obama being voted out of Office (fingers crossed)- Come on America. I don’t care who you vote for, I don’t care if Mickey Mouse wins as a write in this year. As long as Obama is not in office I will be happy. That guy has done nothing good for this country and spends all his time filling out college basketball brackets and going to sporting events. How about you do some work and get some people some jobs.




1. December 21, 2012- The Mayans predicted it. It must be true. But thank God. My college loan payments of roughly $80,000 are set to start being paid in December 2012, so lets hope those Mayans were right. What are the Mayans going to do if it doesn’t happen though? Their calendar ends that day, everything they have been living for. Whatever. Plus, if the world ends then Obama certainly can’t run this country for another 4 years regardless of the amount of idiots who vote for him. December 20th will be a night to remember, or probably not remember. And that picture is exactly how I see it happening. All of us just like avatars floating into the sky. Sure, why not.

Happy New Year!


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