NFL Divisional Round Preview

So last week I went 3-1 in my picks, not bad. Many people thought the New Orleans spread was way too high and many thought the Broncos would get blown out so I would say 3-1 was pretty respectable. We have great games this week, and you might be interested to hear my thoughts in this week of the underdogs. Lets start in the NFC:

New Orleans (-4) at San Francisco

I have really been on the Saints bandwagon the past few weeks. They have been unstoppable it seems on offense. However, the Saints success is  connected to their ability to play at home. The Saints on the road are a much, much different team. Many of us are still waiting for the 49ers to be the 49ers we know, and that’s the one’s that stink up the joint. It simply just hasn’t happened because this team is solid. They have a top 5 defense, and an oustanding running game led by veteran Frank Gore. I like the 49ers to get to Brees all day and make his life a living nightmare, and for the 49ers to come away with the win. The spread will probably even move higher to maybe a -7 for the Saints by game time but either way I like San Fran to cover. Tbow’s Pick- San Francisco +4

New York Giants at Green Bay (-9)

I really didn’t expect what I saw from the Giants last week. The Falcons looked terrible, and that was mostly due to the Giants constant pressure and ability to make a stop when they needed to. The Giants played the Packers tight earlier in the season, and I think this game will be very close. In the NFL, a lot of success is created from momentum. The Giants have been playing playoff games since week 14 and we all saw how dangerous a hot team like that can be in the playoffs as the Packers were the same type of team last year. I like the G-Men to shock the world in Green Bay with a victory behind the guy I hate Eli Manning. Tbow’s Pick- New York Giants +9

Houston at Baltimore (-9)

I have watched a few Texans games and I have watched a few Baltimore games this year and to tell you the truth, neither team really impresses me. Joe Flacco can play great at times but can also play awful. The Texans are just a solid team that plays great defense and can limit youre offensive opportunities with their run game. I think this is going to be another close game, definitely closer than the 9 point line. However, I do like the Ravens to win the game. This is surprisingly Joe Flacco’s first home playoff game, so I think he will play good. If you are betting the line, I like the Texans to cover but come up short. Tbow’s Pick- Texans +9

Denver at New England (-14)

No big deal. Just a halo over Mile High Sunday

When I saw this line open up at 14 points I wanted to vomit all over myself. The better Tim Tebow plays the less credit he gets, it’s insane. I am going to post a fully detailed post about the reasons why Denver will win on Saturday so I will keep this post short and give you the summary. Pats haven’t won a playoff game since 07. Denver won their home game and everything else is gravy, no pressure. The game they played in week 15 would have been a much different game had it not been for 3 second quarter turnovers, and the Patriots don’t do well in the playoffs against an oponent they beat easily a few weeks earlier (they beat the Jets 45-3 in week 13 last year then lost 28-21 in the Divisional Round) I like the Tebow’s to cover and win against Brady and Co. behind Josh McDaniels sabotage. Tbow’s Pick- Denver +14


What do you think?

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