5 Reasons Tim Tebow Will Beat the Patriots

Now I know most of you reading this are Patriots fans and you probably won’t read this, but if you are overconfident in this game, I suggest you do read it. Sometimes I write ridiculous things on here just to get reactions out of people but this isn’t one of them. I am about to tell you why the Broncos are about to go into Gillette Stadium and beat the Patriots on Saturday, because it is not as far-fetched as some of you might think.

5. Week 15- Patriots 45 Broncos 23- This first game played a few weeks ago was won pretty easily by the Patriots. However, there were a few things of concern for the Patriots out of this game. The Broncos held a 16-7 lead in the 2nd quarter when Lance Ball put the ball on the ground as the Broncos were about to begin driving again. That led to a Pats TD. Next possession, Tim Tebow put the ball on the ground, which led to a field goal and gave the Patriots the lead. Next possession was a punt and the Patriots added another touchdown, and finally they forced the Pats to punt with about 20 seconds left when Quan Cosby muffed the punt and handed the Patriots another 3 points. After you play so good then hand the Patriots point like that, it’s hard to come back from. Not only that, the Patriots as a team in the last 3 years have had much difficulty beating good teams after they had beat them in the meeting before. Last year they beat the Jets 45-3 in week 13, then came up short in the Divisional Round 28-21 to the Jets. 2009, they beat the Ravens 27-21 in week 4 then got owned at Gillette in the Wild Card round by the Ravens 33-14. Also that same year, they  beat Miami in their first meeting of the year and lost to them a few weeks later. A trend that is very apparent in the NFL is that it is very hard to beat a team twice. Something about this league makes it hard for you to beat a good team twice. I’m not talking about the Buffalos and Rams of the world but beating good solid teams. Maybe the Patriots will be able to break this mold but it definitely plays a role in this game

4. Patriots 31st ranked defense- This Pats defense is absolutely terrible. I can honestly say I have never seen a team in the NFL with a defense this bad make a run in the playoffs. They are not going to pull a Steelers and put 10 in the box daring Tebow to do what he does best and throw the deep ball, but they are going to play soft and allow this Broncos team to run. Mind you, Willis McGahee played sparingly in the first meeting nursing an injury, and the Patriots allowed Lance Ball to rush for 64 yards on 11 carries and even McGahee for 70 on 7 carries which were mostly in the first quarter. Tim Tebow added 93 on the ground, and this run game mixed with the fact that the Patriots will be allowing them to run is ingredients for a limited Tom Brady. Denver can control the clock if they keep it close and add a few early scores, and if Brady is only getting 7 or 8 possessions in the game, every possession is put under a microscope and adds that much more pressure. We all saw Tebow embarrass the Steelers defense on Sunday averaging a ridiculous 31.6 yards per completion and throwing for the most yards this defense had allowed all year. Bill Belichick does not want Tebow to beat them, and rightfully so, but pick your poison. Broncos can control the clock and the game with the run game, and if they clean up the turnovers it will be a totally different game.

3. Pressure on Patriots/Not Broncos-While Tim Tebow plays his best football when the pressure is on, there is not much pressure, if any, on this Broncos team to win this week. They won their unlikely home game against the defending AFC Champions, in what could have been Tebow’s last game as a starting quarterback (or at least what some fans actually believed). On the flip side, the Patriots fans are getting restless. For 3 of 4 years, they had seen their team win the Super Bowl. They saw their team go to the Super Bowl in 2007 going for the perfect season which was bitterly ended by the Giants. They haven’t quite been the same playoff team since then. Something has been missing in the playoff games they had, and both of their losses since then have come at home which is quite disturbing. The amount of pressure on this Patriots team not only to win this game but to win the Super Bowl this year is enormous. Don’t get me wrong, if anyone can handle this pressure it’s Tom Brady. He probably deserves to win MVP this season, but I am not sure I can say the same for some of these other guys. Teams can easily break under the pressure, and it is win and, eh, we had a great season for the Broncos, and no other option but to win for the Patriots.

2. Tim Tebow’s leadership and sheer will to win

That was one of my favorite Tim Tebow moments ever. The famous Tim Tebow speech after Florida’s loss in his senior season with hopes for an undefeated National Championship. He has the ability to lead by example, and motivate his teammates and it has shown. Whether you want to give him credit for the Broncos run or give credit to the run game or the defense, whoever you want to give it to, those guys played inspired under Tebow. Kyle Orton could only muster 1 win with the same exact team, but he didn’t know how to motivate. One thing will be sure on Saturday night and that is the Broncos will be ready. Watching Tebow run up and down his sideline getting his guys pumped after he scored his touchdown, you could just tell guys feed off his energy, they love it. This guy is special, and sometimes it is the intangibles that can single-handedly win games.

1. Jesus really does want the Broncos to win- So in my last post, I showed you guys the picture of the halo over Mile High last week during the game. I told you about the fact that Tebow’s favorite Gospel passage was John 3:16 and he threw for 316 yards. In the past few days I have heard even more “coincidences”. Tebow’s completion percentage for the game was 31.6. The Steelers time of possession for the game; 31 minutes 6 seconds. The highest TV rating for a Wild Card game in NFL history, peaked at 31.6 million during the 4th quarter. Oh, and the wide receiver who caught the game winning touchdown, Demaryius Thomas shares his birthday of December 25th with a pretty special guy. Jesus is like poking us all in the face with these signs that he is the true Broncos GM.  It is truly a battle of good vs evil on Saturday. Jesus vs Satan. I don’t know about you but I would take Jesus any day, unless it’s the South Park Jesus then I’m not so sure.


9 thoughts on “5 Reasons Tim Tebow Will Beat the Patriots”

  1. I want you to honestly tell me you think that what Tebow does best is throw the deep ball. And i would like proof besides last game.

  2. well you cant ignore last game, he threw for 5 plays over 30 yards on a defense that gave up that many the whole year. he has trouble hitting the underneath routes hence his low 50 percent completion percentage. 35 of his 136 completions including postseason have been over 20 yards. Thats 25% of his completions are going over 20 yards so 1 of every 4 completions. Thats alot. To put that in perspective, Brady had 71 of his 401 completions go over 20 yards which is 17%, and Brees had 75 of his 468 completions go over 20 yards which is 16%. Throwing the ball in general isnt his best attribute but when throwing, he excels more on the deep throws rather than the check downs and underneath routes.

  3. Even if the patriots have the worst defense, their offense is phenomenal and trumps tebow. Your last reason is garbage as well. You mentioned that tebow also performs well under pressure. Please tell me that you don’t think that he performs better than brady under pressure. brady has come back from larger deficits more consistently than tebow. brady is a performer and consistently does so. brady is the vet here. he has both experience and a better offense. the patriot defense is garbage as far as letting up yardage goes and they do lack in allowing points however the offensive line is a machine. brady threw over 5000. tim tebow a mediocre, 1729. this all translates into a high scoring game with the patriots putting up the larger final score. good day sir.

  4. the last reason was obviously a joke. I never once said Tebow was better under pressure than Brady but of recently, Tebow has been more clutch than Brady under pressure (and I compare Tebows regular season this year to Brady’s playoffs the last 3 years because there isn’t enough games under Tebows belt right now). Tebow led his team to 4th quarter comebacks 5 times this year, and Brady has lost every playoff game he’s played since 2007 in the Super Bowl. If you want to argue that the Jets team last year was better than this Broncos team than Id have to disagree and this game doesn’t even come down to Tebow. It comes down to the run game and controlling the clock. I don’t think Tebow is better than Brady, never once said that and the Patriots offense has been a machine in the regular season the last 3 years and thats translated to going home early every year….sad to say but they are turning into the old Colts. Patriots were 0-2 against the only two teams they played all year with winning records so I am just not sold on how “certain” Patriots fans should be about this game. BTW how do you go the entire year only playing two teams over 500 that is rediculous

  5. i wasn’t saying you said tebow was better under pressure. i was saying that brady was better as a response to you saying tebow performs well. i was saying that it was a reason i found irrelevant in this game if brady is better. I agree that the patriots have been better in the past but that doesn’t negate that they’re still a very good team. i won’t say it’s a guarantee that the patriots will win, i just believe that they are the better team here. please look at this and tell me that the patriots are not better on paper.


  6. The patriots are better offensively in almost every category and defensively the broncos are better all together. Playoffs are differnt than regular season. You can be a better team on paper all you want, but that doesn’t win games. Broncos were the number 1 team running the ball and ran the ball at will against the Patriots even over the fact that they had to throw the ball the entire 2nd half because they got down from the 3 turnovers in the 2nd. A team that can run the ball can control the clock and the possessions in the game. The less the ball is in Bradys hand the better it is for the Broncos there is no arguing that. What you are saying makes sense and I can easily see why the Patriots could win and you know what they should win, but the Broncos have what it takes to beat them. This just isn’t the same Patriots team as all of us are used to, despite the fact they only lost 3 games this year even though as I said before it was in large part because they didn’t have to play anyone. But yes the Patriots are better on paper and they are a good team.

  7. You can not say anything about the fact they only played against 2 .500 teams this year. That has zero to do with the patriots and you know that. Its the way the schedule was made. The pats have no say over who they play and what records those teams have when they play them. Drop that debate fast it means nothing. Yes they lost to those 2 teams but its whatever don’t pull that crap that the pats got so lucky with the teams they played this year

  8. I didnt say they got lucky and I didn’t say that they chose to have the weakest schedule in the NFL. But it does take away from what you accomplish on the field when your only two tests the entire year you failed am I wrong? All I know is there hasnt been a team since 2004 that has won a playoff game without beating a team over 500 in the regular season and thats the cold hard truth

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