Reasons the Patriots should win…blah blah blah

Writing about favorites and why they should win just isn’t fun at all, especially when they are playing against a guy you really like. But being that I was offered a spot on to be the writer for the Patriots for the rest of the season (so basically I’m done after Saturday) I found myself trying to write good things about the Patriots. It honestly did hurt to have to force my brain to think of the obvious and the likely, instead of trying to find the ways the Broncos could win. It’s not like I am anti-Patriots, I actually even used to be their biggest fan. Winning just gets old to me, if your team wins every year what fun is that? You need the losing and hardships to make winning feel that much better. I can’t imagine how awesome it was for the Giants fans when they beat the Patriots. Either way, I am about to write some good things about the Patriots and why they should win on Saturday.

1. Tom Brady- This is my only logical reason. You can break the game down to whatever angle you want but there is only one thing the Patriots control that will win them the game and that’s Tom Brady. The defense stinks, we all know that,  so you know they aren’t going to stop the Broncos offense unless they turn the ball over, but it will be on a horrible mistake by the Broncos not a good play by the defense. If Tom Brady gets his time in the pocket, which might be questionable seeing as the offensive line is pretty banged up right now, he will pick apart the Broncos defense. Tom terrific will be the 2nd best quarterback in Gillette Stadium on Saturday nigh. That’s because John Elway will be sitting in the press box. Got you! You thought I was going to say Tim Tebow. I’m not that dumb, well maybe. Anyways, if Brady plays flawless which he usually does the Patriots will win regardless of whatever else happens in the game.

On a side note, there is something strange brewing in New England. I have been religiously watching Felger and Mazz lately, and heard some talk that made me think a little. Could Josh McDaniels be back because Bill is heading out soon? Why else would you take an offensive coordinator job if you could almost positively get a head coaching job somewhere else in the NFL? Makes me think McDaniels is next in line for the job. What is going on in the world anyways? When’s the last time a Bill Belichick defense has been this horrid? And why did Bill O’Brien choose to leave the offensive coordinator of the best offense in the NFL to go get raped by Sandusky at Penn State? Something isn’t adding up.  Anyways go to and read my article, I promise there are a lot more nice things said about the Patriots in there than on here. Shout out to Ray Allen last night for helping the Sixers loss last night not feel so bad. Good catch bro, maybe you should wash the massaging oil off your hands after you rub down Paul Pierce’s hurt heel in the locker room.


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