3 Best Things About Super Bowl Sunday

This post is inspired by my lack of blogging lately and I am going to attempt to write more than I have been. So Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and I am going to tell you what to enjoy today more than anything:

3. Super Bowl Squares- If you aren’t familiar with these or aren’t in any pools I feel sorry for you (unless you are a die hard Patriots or Giants fan, then its understandable). Nothing makes a game more exciting than being in a room with 20 people and everyone cheering for two safeties, a touchdown with a missed extra point and nine field goals. I have a few squares this year and my luck in the past hasn’t been too great so my numbers today will probably be 5-2, 2-5, 2-8, and 8-2 or something like that. So if you have any squares today I wish you good luck unless you are in the one I am in then I hope you just wasted all your money because I need to win.

2. National Anthem/ Halftime Show- MADONNA!!! I KNOW HER!!! I bet everyone is super excited about Madonna performing the halftime show and they should be. Actually I could care less but I love the halftime show because it gives you 25 minutes to make fun of how idiotic the people who put the halftime show on are. Thanks alot Janet’s boob, you ruined our ears during the Super Bowl halftime show for life. It’s bad enough we are probably going to have to listen to Joe Buck speak the entire time, now we have to look at old wrinkly Madonna sing like a virgin. Also, I enjoy the National Anthem’s as well because you can either make fun of the singer for lipsinging it or chances are they will probably mess up and embarrass our country. What is up with them having singers who used to be skinny and are now huge as our singers anyways? Chrsitina Aguilera and now Kelly Clarkson? I am not sure what happened to her but I saw her on Saturday Night Live the other night and almost threw up. She was my favorite on American Idol when I used to watch it and it used to be good but I might have to reconsider my loyalty to her. Bodog has the anthem over/under at 1 minute 34 seconds, but I have faith in Kelly Clarkson. I feel like she is going to win her fans back over by making it short and sweet.

1. Beer- This game has no meaning to me as my beloved Eagles and boyfriend Tim Tebow aren’t playing anymore so I will be enjoying beer beginning in about 20 minutes. And if the Eagles or Tebow were in it I would be watching the team in my room by myself in the dark 2 inches away from the TV. The beer of choice today will be Natty Light, and I guess I will give a special thanks to Mike Lydon and Villanova for providing me the courage to drink such a disgusting beer, but whatever. This will be my first ever Super Bowl enjoying adult beverages and I hope, above all, it drowns out Joe Bucks voice just a little bit. So everyone, enjoy your beer, enjoy making fun of the performers today and I hope you all have a great Super Bowl Sunday. Go Broncos.


One thought on “3 Best Things About Super Bowl Sunday”

  1. Its not joe buck but chris collingsworth, same thing!!!!! Ill be drinking bud light platinum tonite!!!!

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