3 Most Overrated Things About the Super Bowl

You can’t have a list of the 3 best things of the Super Bowl without having the 3 worst. It’s like saying you believe in God but there is no devil. So I am going to do my best to fill you in on what I hate about the Super Bowl:

3. The Super Bowl- The actual game itself is always usually the last thing people talk about unless you are a fan of whatever team is in it. Most of the time the game is uneventful until the last 2 minutes or is never eventful at all. Once in a blue moon you will get an amazing game like the 3 Super Bowls the Patriots won but other than that it’s usually not exciting.




2. The Commercials- Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy most of the commercials during the Super Bowl, but honestly half of them suck. And to be honest I just don’t understand the whole concept behind paying that much money to have a 30 second spot during the Super Bowl. I get that the Super Bowl is the most watched event and you are going to get a lot of exposure but the going rate for a 30 second spot this year is about 3 million dollars. Think about how much a marketing department could do with 3 million dollars. The last time I spent that much money for 30 seconds it was illegal in most countries so I won’t talk about it but either way it wasn’t worth it. Honestly, I haven’t signed up for Etrade just because that stupid little baby makes me laugh or buy any Doritos because some guy licks the cheese off another guys finger. So be quiet during the commercials this year so I can hear them and let me enjoy them even though most of them will suck.

1. Resuming Normal Life on Monday- How in the world has the Monday after the Super Bowl not been declared a National Holiday. I guarantee you would get more people to appreciate the Super Bowl Holiday than lets say a Martin Luther King Day and I mean that with no disrespect. But let’s be real. Everyone with a job is getting drunk for the game, staying up late, and hating their life on Monday, which is, I am going to guess, the most unproductive day of the entire year for most businesses. People go to work and are hung over as shit and all they do is talk about the game, commercials and how they drank 5 wine coolers and passed out with their pants on. Come on Obama do something productive for once and declare Monday as a holiday.


Happy Kwanza


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