When will the Sixers get some respect?

If anyone would have said the Sixers would be 20-9 and 3rd in the Eastern Conference 2 months into the season, you probably would have called them insane. Some of you probably don’t even know the Sixers are that good because they get talked about for about 2 seconds on ESPN only when they show measly highlights from their game, if any. Instead, ESPN would like to spend 20 minutes a day talking about a Blake Griffin dunk that was worth two points in a game that had 100 for each team. Get a grip ESPN. Who cares that much about a dunk, besides Lebron? Not to mention 8 of the top ten plays are dunks during the NBA season which maybe 1 of them should be seeing as guys in the NHL are doing things that require ten times more skill on a nightly basis. These NBA players are all 6’8, I hope they can put the ball in the basket with their hand on the rim. Anyway, the Sixers just got through arguably their toughest stretch of the season and came out of it 4-3. This stretch started with wins against Orlando and Chicago, a loss to the Heat, then wins against the Hawks and Lakers, and back to back losses against the Spurs and Clippers. Not too shabby going up against nothing but the best teams in the NBA for a week and a half straight. They have also done all this without their big man Spencer Hawes who, when healthy, has turned them from a good team to a great team. They are struggling on the boards right now but are still pulling out wins and they need Hawes healthy by playoff time to be a legit contender. Regardless, these guys need some respect. They have by far the deepest bench in the NBA with Lou Williams, Thad Young and Evan Turner. Any given night one of these guys goes for 20+ and most nights two of them will have 20+ points. Instead of talking about these guys who are giving great production night in and night out off the bench in about 25 minutes let’s talk about Jeremy Lin who has had one good game and a couple pretty good games on a team without their two best players which allows him to shoot the ball 20 times. Maybe it’s better nobody is talking about the Sixers. That way come playoff time everyone will be like, “who the hell are these guys, we are going to kill them”, and then be in tears when they get swept. I am also not worried in the slightest by the Celtics right now and the little stretch they are putting together. They still haven’t really beaten any good teams, they beat Chicago but they were without Rose and Hamilton. Unless the C’s make a couple big moves I don’t see them as a contender this year and potentially screwing themselves in the future. They need to break up the Big 3 before it’s too late and they lose them for nearly nothing. Ainge, you got what you wanted, you got your championship now try to put together a good team to win another one.


What do you think?

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