Lock of the Year

So I was just scrolling through some of the lines for tonight’s NBA games and almost yacked when I saw the line for the Sixers vs Pistons game. Sixers are only 4 point favorites which is absurd. In the two meetings these two teams had this season, the Sixers have won by 20+ points each time. These two teams don’t even belong on the same court to be honest. Yeah the Sixers have been slumping lately but any team would slump if they can’t rebound the ball. Spencer Hawes is still out but Elton Brand should be back tonight which will give them the extra edge they’ve been missing. These young guys have had a few days off to catch their breath and shake off whatever was going on in their two-week losing streak and I would bet the house on the Sixers winning this game. I don’t even see any scenario that the Sixers don’t cover, I mean, they aren’t the Celtics.


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