Capitals packing it in?

It’s more than likely that John Erskine is going to suit up tonight for the Caps which will inevitably mean the Bruins have the series in the bag. I have watched this series and many other series going on right now, and it’s the least physical of all of them. Maybe the Capitals have never been hit before this season, but the hits the Bruins are putting on guys are clean and quite frankly this isn’t even the most physical they can play. We all know the rational thing to do when your down in a series is to dress your goon fighter who hasn’t played in two months to get on the ice for 8 minutes and spend 10+ in the penalty box. Sure he will probably take Lucic off the ice for baiting him into a fight but trading Backstrom for Erskine is just stupid. Game four isn’t the time or place to try and make a physical statement in the series. You had your chance the first 3 games and the best you could do was have one of your best players take a stupid match penalty at the END of the game which meant nothing. Caps you missed your chance.

Now to be completely fair, Erskine isn’t totally useless. Oh wait, wait, yes he is my mistake. Unless scoring 11 goals over your 10 year NHL career, and having 2 points in 28 games this year isn’t useless then Claude should be sending a thank you letter to Dale Hunter. And I thought Bruce Boudreau was bad in the playoffs. You know what, I like hockey fights so I won’t complain. If I was a Capitals fan however, I would be very concerned.


What do you think?

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