NFL Week 1…Finally

Sunday is almost upon us, and words can’t express how excited I am. This season I am prepared to put my very highly regarded reputation on the line and come out with picks of all the games every week, with spreads of course. I don’t think I need to remind any of you how spot on I was during the playoffs last season, including only being off by 2 points of the final score in the Super Bowl. And I won’t be picking the Thursday night games, or Wednesday night in this weeks case because I think Thursday night football games every week is stupid. So here we go, bet the house, the grocery money, your signed Bobby V jersey, and anything else you own on these picks:

Colts @ Bears- Not much analysis needed on this one. Bear’s improved their receiving core by 150% with Brandon Marshall back, they have a strong run game and a solid defense. Luck’s debut should still be okay, but I don’t see them staying in the game after halftime. Tbows Pick: Bears -10

Eagles @ Browns- I’ve already let you all know that the Eagle’s will be in the Super Bowl this year. However, their opener makes me nervous, mostly because the real refs had a hard time protecting Vick from questionable hits, so who knows what the replacement refs will allow. Barring any significant injuries though, the Eagle’s offense has number 1 potential and the addition of DeMeco Ryans on defense was huge for them since they haven’t had any kind of consistent linebacker play in years. I like the Birds from the coin flip. Tbow’s Pick: Eagles -9.5

Bills @ Jets- This game is easily one of the biggest toss ups this week. Jets are slight favorites but it’s very hard to bet on a team who’s 1st and 2nd team offenses couldn’t score a touchdown in the preseason. But let’s be honest, they have the best QB in the league and while he probably won’t be making an impact at that position this week, Tebow will be making an impact in the game that gets the Jets a win.  Tbow’s Pick: Jets -3

Redskins @ Saints- While the last game was the biggest toss up, I think this one is the biggest lock. Saints will have a ton of emotion in the season opener after all of the offseason stuff that happened with the bounty situation. Playing for Sean Payton I like the Saints to roll on RG3 who doesn’t stand a chance in this one.  Tbow’s Pick: Saints -7.5

Pats @ Titans- I am very, very curious to see how the Pats offense opens up the season. They never were able to get in any sort of sync/ rythym at all in the preseason which may just be in Bill’s master plan but I think Brady will have a hard time this season with his O-line. He was on the ground a lot during the preseason which could be a horrible preview to what could happen this year. Luckily, they have an easy match up week 1 to get on the same page and I like the Pats but in a closer game than most are expecting which is a blowout.  Tbow’s Pick: Pats -6.5

Jags @ Vikings- Still some big IF’s going into this game. Not sure the status of MJD or Peterson. Both are expected to suit up but how much time they see is still unknown. Both have young QB’s and backup RB’s will most likely get the majority of the carries so I think this one is a coin flip so I like the Jags to cover the spread, and probably win. Tbow’s Pick: Jags +3.5

Dolphins @ Texans- This game is interesting to me. The spread is pretty high at 12.5, but a lot of people are expecting the Dolphins to be potentially the worst team in the NFL. I don’t see the Texans putting up a ton of points per game and I think Tannehill can throw for at least one touchdown so while I think the Texans will control the game the whole way, I like the Dolphins to cover. Tbow’s Pick: Dolphins +12.5

Rams @ Lions- Stafford, Calvin, Suh vs. Bradford, Ammendola, Lauranitas. No contest, at least not in week 1. Tbow’s Pick- Lions -7.5

Falcons @ Chiefs- A lot of people are picking the upset here and like the Chiefs to beat Matty Ryan and co. I just don’t see it. The Falcons can put up serious points, and while the KC defense is pretty solid, I don’t think they can hang with Julio on one side and Roddy on the other. If Matty Ice is on his game I think it’s a Falcons blowout. Regardless, I like the Falcons here, and maybe Charles won’t blow out his knee again. Tbow’s Pick: Falcons -3

49ers @ Packers- Plain and simple, the 49ers are built for a run at the ship again this season, and ARodg and the offense had a concerning preseason. Rodgers was only completing around 50% of his passes and he was scrambling A LOT. Many people expect the 49ers to hoist the Lombardi trophy at the end of the season, and I think week one is going to be a step in that direction. Tbow’s Pick: 49ers +5

Panthers @ Bucs- Steve Smith is a little banged up and I really like the upgrade this offseason for the Bucs bringing in Vincent Jackson, I’m just worried Josh Freeman can’t get him the ball. I think the Panthers have a solid offense and should grab a week 1 win. Tbow’s Pick: Panthers -3

Seahawks @ Cardinals- It’s looking pretty likely we won’t see Marshawn in week 1 due to his vaginitis, and that only means good things for the Cardinals. The Cards played well at the end of last season, and while they don’t have much talent in the regards of stars, but they have Fitz and that might be enough. Russell Wilson might get eaten up in the sea of red on Sunday and for that reason I’m liking the Cards to be undefeated for a week. Tbow’s Pick: Cardinals +3

Steelers @ Broncos- I hope John Elway loses every game the rest of his life and he regrets every day his decision to Judas Tim Tebow. Tbow’s Pick: Steelers +2

Bengals @ Ravens- It’s never easy to win in Baltimore, plain and simple. AJ Green is a beast, but unfortunately he’s the only best they have at wideout. I think Ed Reed and the corners can contain AJ pretty well which will give them the edge they need to beat the Bengals. However, I think this will be a very close game. I think the spread is a little too much for the Raven’s to handle. Tbow’s Pick: Bengals +7

Chargers @ Raiders- Vegas doesn’t know what’s gonna happen here as the spread is 1. I put a lot of faith in Phil Rivers to come back strong this year seeing as I drafted him in a few fantasy leagues and I think he will. He played last year with a hurt Gates, and hold out Vincent Jackson. They added Meachem which is essentially the same type of guy as Jackson and Gates is 100% healthy going into the starter. I think they can out score the Raiders on Monday night and beat the Raiders by a touchdown. Tbow’s Pick: Chargers +1

There you have it. Load up and thank me later. And if all of these lose and you did bet on them, you didn’t hear it from me. Also all of these lines were provided by formerly Bodog in case you were wondering since lines vary from site to site. Happy Football season.


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