One Hour til Kickoff…5 Things to Watch For

We are at the eleventh hour, and football is almost upon us. The Red Zone channel will no longer say “Off Air”, and you’ll no longer have a need to take a shower on Sundays….or maybe that’s just me. All the Pats fans are already somewhat happy seeing the G-Men lose on Wednesday, but don’t get too excited cause they sucked at the beginning of last year too. So now that we are truly ready for some football, I will give you 5 things to watch for today:

5.  Wildcat in New York- Today we get to finally find out if Rex is really serious about using Tebow throughout the game and in various ways in the offense. He supposedly had been hiding their wildcat package all season to keep it a surprise for the regular season. Today we will see if he truly has a plan or if he just wanted the circus and a lot more feet  people in the stands.

4. Patriots opening drive- Most of you reading this will be watching the Pats game at one so if I were you, I would be very excited to see the opening drive for them. I think we will all learn a lot about whether the offensive line will be ok and if Brady is in sync with his receivers because it wasn’t too pretty in the preseason. I’d also look for how many plays Gronk is on the field and to see if the addition of the extra tight ends and big contract to Hernandez shows that they want to pull back on Gronk a little bit in the regular season since they rode him pretty hard last year and in the end he couldn’t hold up…except of course his ankle held up at the Super Bowl after party during the rager.

3. Replacement refs- A few days ago this would have been number one. But you know, they did a good job on Wednesday night. If none of us knew they were replacement refs we would have had no clue except maybe would have said hey wheres Hochuli or wheres that black ref who says ” Holding…….OFFENSE”. Other than those two I wouldn’t know Joe Schmo from Jerry Sandusky. I think they’ll be ok,  but I mean, if you are watching a game with the notion that the refs suck in the back of your head you start to look for mistakes, and obviously there will always be mistakes made. It will be interesting to say the least.

2. The 49ers at the Packers- Just a great game to be on at 4 today. All of you should be watching this game, because this will tell you a lot about who the true power in the NFC is. No question, after watching Wednesday, neither of those teams are that good, and the 49ers have a lot of buzz surrounding them this year. As I told you all yesterday, I do expect the 49ers to win and I am going to give you a bigger stretch. Stone if your reading this don’t get too excited. Randy Moss will get a touchdown today. Lock it up. He’s a beast at Lambeau. Hopefully today he won’t fake moon the crowd though.

1. The bottom of your glass- Sit back, crush some brews, eat some shit, and watch some damn football.


Merry Christmas Harry, Happy Hanukkah Marv


P.S. I hope Peyton’s head falls off his stupid neck and that John Elway gets food poisoning in his suite right at kickoff.


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