NFL Week 2 Picks

So my first week picking all the games went, well, not as bad as I expected. Picking 15 games with spreads is not an easy thing to do, and I might have taken on a tough task by doing that many every week, but whatever. My goal is to go above .500 over the course of the season. I went a decent 8-7 last week, with all things considered. My most cherished fantasy league has gone to shit already and it’s only the beginning of week 2, thanks a lot Jennings/Forte/Steve Smith. I am expecting this week to win at least 10 games. So here we go:

Bucs @ Giants (-7) – Giants looked terrible week one against the Cowboys. Bucs on the other hand looked pretty good against the Panthers, especially on defense. I think the Panthers just didn’t show up though which will factor into this decision. Also, having 10 days to prepare especially after seeing the other team play a game this season should not be overlooked. The Bucs won’t do anything special or different and the Giants can’t expect to keep starting off the season bad and winning the Super Bowl so I like the G-Men to come back and cover the touchdown spread.

Tbow’s Pick- Giants -7

Cardinals @ Patriots (-14)- I showed last week how much I hate spreads over 10 points. Two touchdowns is a lot, and with the way Kolb looked on the final drive of that game. Based on the Cardinals being 1-0 and Kolb’s potential to play like a good qb for once, I am taking the Cardinals +14.

Tbow’s Pick- Cardinals +14

Vikings @ Colts (+2)- Colts are getting 2 points at home after a week one loss on the road. I’m not going to say the Colts looked good, but they looked better than I expected, at least offensively. They definitely have much to work on on the defensive side of the ball, but the Vikings certainly don’t have the weapons the Bears had. I like the Colts in this game to get their first win of the season. Maybe they will realize they can stop sucking for Luck because he is on the team already.

Tbow’s Pick- Colts +2

Saints @ Panthers (+3)- Here’s another home dog this week, and this could be the most tricky pick of the week. Both teams severely underperformed last week, and quite frankly were disappointing. Because the Saints are more experienced and know the ramifications of going 0-2 to start the season, I am going to say Brees will be on the top of his game and they win by a few touchdowns.

Tbow’s Pick- Saints -2

Chiefs @ Bills (-3)- This game is kind of a laugher in my opinion. Did Vegas watch the Bills game last week? They let a team that didn’t score a touchdown in the preseason score 40 something points. Chiefs looked okay at least in the first half against the Falcons who seemed to be on a mission in week 1. Charles looked healthy and Cassel looked pretty decent so I like their chances of winning this game.

Tbow’s Pick- Chiefs +3

Ravens @ Eagles (-3)- Ah, my Eagles. Almost gave me a heart attack last week, thank god I couldn’t actually watch the game or I would have had one. Definitely did not look good, but after further review, I put a lot of that on Andy Reid. I was not aware how good of a pass defense the Browns actually had. They were tops in the league last season in pass defense. They were also worst in the league in rush defense, so let’s not give the ball to the best running back in the league and let Vick throw 56 times. Makes sense. Anyway, plain and simple, Ravens are a different team on the road. I like the Eagles to come out and whoop them, even if Jackson and Maclin don’t play.

Tbow’s Pick- Eagles -3

Raiders @ Dolphins (+3)- Oakland had a horrible misfortune last week with their long snapper going down in the 1st quarter. That will kill your special teams, and it did. Just can’t prepare for that. I like them to bounce back against the horrible Dolphins. However, this will be a close game that might go down to the wire.

Tbow’s Pick- Raiders -3

Browns @ Bengals (-7)- This game is my beat down of the week. Browns looked like a Pee Wee team on offense last week. Just nothing positive at all. Not one thing. Bengals got embarrassed on Monday night by a good team, and will be out for blood this week. All Bengals after the coin toss.

Tbow’s Pick- Bengals -7

Texans @ Jags (+7.5)- I doubted the Texans last week with the big spread, didn’t think they had the offensive fire power. I was wrong. They scored 30 with their running game virtually non existent, I mean if you consider 100 yards non existent. A hobbled Adrian ran for 80 and two td’s against the Jags, so I expect Arian to do the same and like the Texans big this week.

Tbow’s Pick- Texans -7.5

Cowboys @ Seahawks (+3)-  This game comes down to whether or not you believe the Cowboys. They have been the biggest frauds the last few years. Look great one week then the next week look like they belong cleaning the stadium after the game. I’m not a believer and I love how the Hawks play at home. Just a tough place to play, probably getting close to as tough as playing at the Ravens. Let’s go Russel FTW!

Tbow’s Pick- Seahawks +3

Redskins @ Rams (+3)- This seems to be a theme this week. Home dogs by 3. I don’t like the home team in this one though, at all. They played good last week, but let’s not forget they let the Lions drive right down the field in under a minute to not only tie the game, but win with a touchdown. Just unacceptable at the NFL level. At least hold them to a field goal. Redskins looked legit. Beat the Saints who had a lot to play for in New Orleans. I’m on the RGIII bandwagon.

Tbow’s Pick- Redskins -3

Jets @ Steelers (-5)- Jets looked great last week, Steelers, not so much. If you think the Jets winning ways won’t be attributed to Tebow in any way you are high. The guy brings a winning attitude, and turned a bunch of selfish players into winners. J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!

Tbow’s Pick- Jets +5

Titans @ Chargers (-6)- Chargers won by default last week, and we didn’t get to see a lot of offense from them, mostly because each drive started inside the Oakland 30. The defense looked solid and the offense looked okay. I like the Chargers this year, Phil Rivers comeback kid.

Tbow’s Pick- Chargers -6

Lions @ 49ers (-7)- The cowardly Lions are going into a dangerous place this week. I don’t really like the Lions this year. I think what we saw from Stafford last game is the real Stafford. 5,000 yards last year was a fluke. 49ers by 20 and expose the Lions for who they are.

Tbow’s Pick- 49ers -7

Broncos @ Falcons (-3)- Quite frankly I am just tired now of writing, so ya.

Tbow’s Pick- Falcons -3


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