NFL Refs and the Sad Truth

I can’t bite my tongue anymore on the replacement ref issue. I can’t stand listening to all the TV personalities/players/fans complaining about the new refs. If you are complaining about the refs week in and week out, here’s a newsflash for you: you are the reason the real refs aren’t on the field. If you really want the refs back, don’t watch the games. Roger Goodell is a money grubbing bastard who could care less what his product looks like and whether or not the players are happy/safe. All he cares about is ratings and money, and guess what, everyone is still watching! There might even be more people watching now that there is all this talk about how bad the refs are. Now don’t get me wrong and think that I don’t think the refs are bad, because I do think that. You couldn’t honestly think that refs could just come into the NFL and do a great job. But being an NFL ref isn’t like being a mathematician or a rocket scientist. The more they do it the better they’ll get. I think by the end of the season they should be about where the old refs were, which was not good anyways. We praise these old refs now for some reason, when the fact is they all are terrible. Every week we would complain about calls and say how bad the refs are, so the fact that we all want them back now is somewhat strange.

The NFL knows that people will watch no matter what. They are cheap and don’t care about their product. If they cared they would sack up the extra 3 or 4 million to put the old refs back to work. I gained a lot of respect for John Fox last night in his post game conference. There were a lot of things that went on in that game that someone could blame the refs on. He basically said that new refs or old refs, there are a lot of obstacles to overcome in any NFL game and the refs will never be an excuse for why they lost. Point blank that is how every team should be operating. We got to hear Joe Flacco cry like a little baby after they lost to the Eagles. Hey Joe I didn’t hear you complaining about the refs last week when you won. The Ravens of all teams should be benefiting from these refs because defensive backs and line backers can basically get away with murder now and, well, they also have a linebacker who has gotten away with murder once before. So my tip to you people who are constantly complaining about the officials, either stop and embrace it, or keep complaining and don’t watch because that’s the only way the real refs come back is if people stop watching.


What do you think?

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