Welker Drama in New England

The Welker drama continued for the Patriots this past Sunday, as Edelman played more snaps and got the start over Welker. All I heard today was conspiracy theories on why Bill is doing this to the guy. The most logical in my mind is the whole contract dispute, and how Welker tweeted earlier this summer how he was hoping for long term but settled for the franchise tag and would sign as a “leap of faith” hoping the Patriots would do the same net off season. We all know the Patriots hate bad PR. That’s the number one no-no in New England. But then I thought about it more and you have Gronk who made a fool of himself after their Super Bowl loss last season and got a huge long term deal. I can’t wrap the whole situation around my head, and it is killing me to figure out what they are doing here. I have always thought that Bill has elaborate plans that defy logic, and sometimes just dicks around with teams, maybe even loses on purpose if he thinks it’s what’s best for the team. Who knows. How do you explain an offense doing absolutely nothing the whole game and then driving down the Cardinals throat on the drive with 3 minutes left and then nearly having another TD or at least a long gain to win the game if it wasn’t for the Gronk hold? Maybe Bill has some new stuff and he knew they had two layups, or what he thought would be layups before they took on a tough Baltimore team in one of their two toughest games this year? I don’t know. To make things more confusing they just resigned Deion Branch. The world is upside down in Foxborough, so I am just glad I don’t like the Pats anymore. And all I know is I just traded for Welker in one of my fantasy leagues so I hope he comes back to form, and honestly I think he will. They’ve had Julian for 3 years now so it’s not like all of a sudden he became Welker overnight. He isn’t as good, plain and simple. I’m curious to think what other Pats fans think so I will post a poll on here. So vote and tell me whether you think Welker will still finish the season with 100 catches and 1000 yards, whether he will end up back as the primary slot receiver but not produce as much, or whether the Pats are really trying to out Welker and go with Edelman for the most part. 


One thought on “Welker Drama in New England”

  1. Absolutely trying to out him. Patriots have had huge offensive turnover this decade and have had success in doing so . Welker is not a 6’6” Specimen that you can rarely find. Brady made Welker and he will make Edelman too.

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