Week 4…A little late

I completely forgot to write up my picks for week 4 so I will rapid fire through them right now. Last week was a very, very bad week so I hope to rebound this week. I was an atrocious 4-10-1 last week. Just not acceptable. That brings the 3 week total to 19-23-1. So here we go:

Pats @ Bills (+4.5)- This game scares me. A lot. Everything we thought of the Patriots this year has been the opposite and no Logan Mankins who was the only solid option on the O-Line makes me lean towards picking an upset. But I just don’t think Brady will let that happen. I think it’s a close one but Pats cover.

Tbow’s Pick- Pats -4.5

Vikings @ Lions (-4)- The Lions are a team I haven’t liked all season. I think Stafford was kind of a fluke last year, and everything just went right for them. I see the Lions as merely a .500 team this season but as the NFL has shown this season, teams coming off big wins lose and teams coming off big losses win so go Lions.

Tbow’s Pick- Lions -4

Panthers @ Falcons (-7)- This spread might be a tad too high for me. Falcons have been playing flawless but let’s not forget how the Panthers offense looked in the friendly New Orleans dome. I like a shootout today and I actually like the Panthers to upset Matty Ice as they’ve had a few extra days to prepare and with Cam having a little fire under his ass after his pouting last week.

Tbow’s Pick- Panthers +7

49ers @ Jets (+4.5)- This is an intriguing match up  Anyone who watched the Jets game last week, I’m sorry. I was kind of forced to watch it and it almost put me to sleep. The 49ers should come out strong after an embarrassing loss to the Vikings last week, but this could be Tebow week. I think if Sanchez struggles early today, you better believe its Tebow time. Their offense needs a spark, and not Tebow running in the flats every play. Let him loose. I like the Niners to win and cover UNLESS Tebow gets the call at halftime or earlier.

Tbow’s Pick- 49ers -4.5

Chargers @ Chiefs (+2)- Chiefs coming off a big win, Chargers coming off a big loss at home. It might be a tight one but go Philip.

Tbow’s Pick- Chargers -2

Titans @ Texans (-13)- This is a huge spread. But the Texans look like the real deal but last time I said that the team lost to a shitty team. So I don’t think the Texans lose, but who the hell knows?

Tbow’s Pick- Titans +13

Seahawks @ Rams (+3)- Don’t have much time so just doing picks here.

Tbow’s Pick- Rams +3

Tbow’s Pick- Cardinals -6

Tbow’s Pick- Raiders +7

Tbow’s Pick- Bengals -3

Saints @ Packers (-9)- I will elaborate on this one. I hate Drew Brees. What a whiny little bitch he is. Oh we are 0-3 and playing like shit so let me make a comment about how bad the refs are. Get a clue Drew. Your defense sucks. You let up 30+ points to the CHIEFS. Did the refs not tackle Charles on that 91 yard TD? What a pussy he is, go Packers.

Tbow’s Pick- Packers -9

TBow’s Pick- Redskins +3

Tbow’s Pick- Eagles -1

Tbow’s Pick- Bears +3.5



2 thoughts on “Week 4…A little late”

  1. excellent call sean. like i said in the post, since the beg of the year i haven’t liked the lions. Cant expect Stafford and Calvin to play at that level again. Stafford was clearly a fluke cause that guy does not look like a 5,000 yard qb.

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