Three Days Left Until the End of the World

2012Now, I am the biggest advocate for December 21, 2012. I’ve actually been banking on it the past few years. Wells Fargo and the Government can’t find me if the world is ending, right? Honestly though, I thought I was the only person who actually believed the world was going to end soon. But after spending the last 8 hours watching the Discovery Channel, I clearly was wrong. That has me somewhat frightened. So, there’s actually millions of other people including scientists at Harvard and shit who think this is actually a possibility, not just some random guy in his basement claiming a Rapture? Oh god. Either way, this has got me thinking about how the world is actually going to end on Friday. In my personal opinion, I just think Friday will be the beginning of the end. Something rather catastrophic will happen that will set things in motion. Maybe something like a natural disaster, or Obama doing something right for once in office, or just something very unusual that will make your first instinct be, “oh shit, where’s my Mayan calender?”

The Discovery Channel  is definitely pulling for a zombie apocalypse. Showing all these sickos who are actually prepping for the Walking Dead to be reality. I kind of dig it though. There’s nothing wrong with being prepared. These are definitely the people who are at the grocery store buying every battery and gallon of water possible when the weather man says we are getting 2 inches of snow. Zombie apocalypse checklist: Shotgun, knife/machete, food, water, pistol, ammo. And yeah this would probably be the one time I don’t forget to bring my phone charger somewhere  I think a zombie apocalypse would be awesome. Minus the having to live in the middle of nowhere hoping there isn’t someone trying to bite your face off behind you. According to the CDC though, there is no zombie epidemic, and taking bath salts make you eat someones face off, naked in Miami. Best. Cover-up. Ever.

Other people think that there is going to be like a huge wave of water that just tsunami’s us all. Or solar flares that burn our faces off. Or gas build up blowing up the Earth’s crust. All very valid options. These are the last things I want to happen. There’s no fun in just one second and poof there goes the world. There has to be some drama in it all.  Has anyone ever just thought that maybe, just maybe, that one Mayan guy was just really tired from carving out 5,000 years of calender into his stone tablet and pulled a Forrest Gump and just said ” I’m kind of tired, I think I’ll go home now”.

So what do you guys think? Vote on the poll and let me know how the world will end on Friday. If you have any other ideas feel free to comment too. But do it before Friday or else we’ll never know.


What do you think?

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