Last Minute Harbowl Predictions

Baltimore Ravens @ San Francisco 49ers (-4)– This is it. What will the world do without 24/7 talk about Ray Lewis’s last game and looking into the lives of the Harbaugh brothers? Well life will probably be much better that’s all I know. This game comes down to one thing. Deer Antler Spray  Turnovers. A lot of people are calling this one a defensive battle and a low scoring game. I think it’s going to be just the opposite. The Ravens offense has been clicking somewhat over the last few weeks, and the 49ers has been clicking since Kaepernick took over. Sure, the Ravens defense looked suffocating last week, but don’t forget the Patriots abandoned the run and allowed them to dictate the play. I don’t see how Ray Lewis can either contain Kaepernick and the option read or cover Vernon Davis over the middle. I don’t think it can be done. At the same time, Matty Ice picked apart the 49ers defense in the fist half. I was actually embarrassed for them at one point. But we all know Atlanta is a bunch of choke artists who don’t know how to win so that’s how the 49ers defense got let off the hook. Shootout time tonight, and luckily for Akers it probably won’t come down to a field goal and if it did he will definitely miss.

Final Score- 49ers 35 Ravens 24

Tbow’s Pick- 49ers -4


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