This May Be the Best 3 Minutes on the Internet

Homeward Bound was one of my favorite movies ever. Chance was easily the best. Shadow was that old fart that you put up with but really don’t want to hang out with, and Sassy was just a bitch. But all cats are so that’s self explanatory. But how about this little pug just going crazy when they find their way back. I think the only negative to this whole video is how that poor dog is forced to watch Homeward Bound on that shitty TV from like the 90’s. What is that, a Zenith bro? Hello, we’re in the year 2013. I have a flat screen TV in my bathroom and you are forcing this lovable, cute little pug to watch TV in standard definition?! That dog would have been doing back-flips if he was watching it on a nice 60″ HDTV. He probably would have jumped into Shadows paws and joined them all in the celebration. Well, anyways, I hope that clip brightened up your Sunday hangover.

P.S.- If you’re ever bored one day, watch Homeward Bound in Spanish. If you think talking dogs is crazy, imagine dogs talking in freaking Spanish. Mind blown.


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