NFL Week 1 Predictions

If you didn’t wake up early today excited to run out of your room and see presents under the tree, wait I mean turn on the TV and watch 4 hours of pre-game for week 1 of NFL then you have no soul. The NFL is back today and all is right in the world. You still have time to call up your bookie and get your last minute bets in so I am going to give you some easy money right now.

Patriots @ Bills (+10.5)- Surprise, surprise. Patriots are double digit favorites. This is a tough game for me because you really don’t know what you’re gonna get from the Patriots offense. Mix that with the double digit spread which I always hate and I think you have to go with the underdog to cover in this one. Don’t get me wrong. Brady could easily go out there and put up 7 touchdowns like Peyton and they win by 30 but usually on week 1 I like to stay away from the big favorites.

Tbow’s Pick- Bills +10.5

Titans @ Steelers (-7)- Everyone is expecting CJ2K to bounce back this year but it’s always hard to bet against the Steelers in Pittsburgh. It will be interesting to see how the Pitt offense looks without Mike Wallace and with Redman at running back but it’s hard to picture Pitt not coming out strong in week 1.

Tbow’s Pick- Steelers -7

Falcons @ Saints (-3)- This one was a shocker to me to see the Falcons as dogs. Sure the Saints got Sean Payton back and the Falcons are on the road but I don’t see the Falcons losing this one. Matty Ice really only struggles when he’s outside and not in a dome, and the Falcons defense is by far better than the Saints. I see a shootout but I like the Falcons to cover and pull out a 10 point win over the Saints.

Tbow’s Pick- Falcons +3

Buccaneers @ Jets (+3)- This is my 2nd lock of the week, and I don’t see how anyone could bet on the Jets. Revis coming back to play his former team and the Jets offense is just atrocious. If the Jets get across the 50 yard line this game I will be surprised. But then again, I had a dream that the Jets won by double digits so maybe my subconscious was trying to tell me something.

Tbow’s Pick- Buccaneers -3

Cheifs @ Jags (+4)- Really a tough game for me to wrap my head around. Everyone likes the Cheifs more this year but I don’t at all. I don’t like the Jags either but they are at home and when it’s a coin flip like that I will take a home underdog any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Tbow’s Pick- Jags +4

Bengals @ Bears (-3)- Probably one of the best games of the week right here. Bengals have caught everyone’s eyes this year as a sneaky pick to go to the Super Bowl and Bears are under a new head coach which has let Forte on the loose. Bears lost their heart and soul on defense so that will be something to look for today but I still like Da Bears to pull out a nice W today at home. Sorry Bengals fans.

Tbow’s Pick- Bears -3

Dolphins @ Browns (-2)- If you watch this game you really should re-evaluate your life. Two shit teams going head to head and nobody should even be allowed to bet on this game because it’s just one big pile of shit. But gun to my head I’m going with the Dolphins just because they suck a little less than the Browns.

Tbow’s Pick- Dolphins +2

Seahawks @ Panthers (+3.5)- This game scares the hell out of me. Seattle is a great team with a great defense but they showed that they were much weaker on the road and it will be hard to get Cam on the ground which is the only reason I’m nervous. Seattle is the much better team but the Panthers can easily put up points on anyone if they are clicking. Gotta stick to my gut tho and go with the Hawks on the road.

Tbow’s Pick- Hawks -3.5

Vikings @ Lions (-4.5)- Lions are one of those teams that you know they have the talent but you just never know what your gonna get. Kind of like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates. I think we are going to see a lot of points in this game and it may come down to a last minute field goal which is why I am going to pick the Vikings to cover this one.

Tbow’s Pick- Vikings +4.5

Raiders @ Colts (-11)- Wow. 11 point favorites in week 1. That’s some crazy ish if you ask me. I know the Raiders blow but you got a 2nd year quarterback who looked good but not amazing last season. I think a lot of the Colts success last year was due to Chuck Pagano going through what he was going through and I see the Colts having a similar season but not an 11 point favorite kind of season.

Tbow’s Pick- Raiders +11

Cardinals @ Rams (-4)- Here’s another exciting game for you if excitement to you is watching two shit teams. I like the Rams offense somewhat and have a little faith in Sam Bradford and the Cardinals don’t really do anything for me so give me the home team.

Tbow’s Pick- Rams -4

Packers @ 49ers (-4.5)- Awesome game here. Gonna be a coin flip. Both teams are solid and you mix that with week one I guess I’m just going to go with the underdog. We will see how Kaepernick does without Crabtree this season.

Tbow’s Pick- Packers +4.5

Giants @ Cowboys (-3)- NFC East battle here in the Sunday Nightcap and this ones a coin flip too. Both teams are mediocre at best but Giants always seem to perform well in Dallas so give me another road underdog.

Tbow’s Pick – Giants +3

Eagles @ Redskins (-3.5)- Probably the most exciting game of the week to watch. This game will be fast and it will be 50-49. Whoever gets the ball last will win and I think that is going to be my Eagles. Go Chip Kelly

Tbow’s Pick- Eagles +3.5

Houston @ Chargers (+4)- Does Vegas know something I don’t? 4 point spread? The Texans may win by 50. Glad I won’t have to stay up too late to see who wins this one.

Tbow’s Pick- Texans -100



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