Why LeBron will be a Sixer next season

130313214544-0021200956-mia-phi-recap-lebron.main-video-playerSo I have to admit, I was a little nervous when the Sixers came out guns blazing this season. I thought maybe they could be an 8 seed in the god awful East, and not to mention how god awful the Atlantic Division is. But they are nicely cruising in tank mode and that means high lottery pick in the 2014 draft. So my job now, is to tell everybody now that LeBron James will be a member of the 2014 Philadelphia 76er squad. Everyone might think, oh no way he would leave Miami for Philly but I am about to blow your minds with knowledge.

Sam Hinkie the new GM of the Sixers has done an amazing job so far. He did what no GM has done for the Sixers in the last 10 years and that is have an actual plan at how to become a contender for multiple seasons. I’ll admit, I was very skeptical about them trading Jrue Holiday for 2 first round picks last year but boy was I wrong. Well, maybe. They used their 2013 Hornets pick to draft Nerlens Noel, who might not play all year but we all know his talents and how the East lacks any size. He will be a force down low when he starts his NBA playing days. They then used their own first round pick to draft Rookie of the Year candidate Michael Carter-Williams who looks like he’s the real deal. He has size at the point guard position and can play any way you need him to. Size at the point guard position is a huge advantage, especially with Carter-Williams skill set. Add these two young players with a Jabari Parker and another lottery pick courtesy of the Hornets and you have a group of young talent that the league hasn’t seen in a long time.

So if you’re LeBron, you’re sitting there with probably another ring on his finger because the Heat have no competition this year, and he will be an unrestricted free agent in July if he chooses to opt out of the last 2 years on his contract. He went to Miami, guaranteed championships and delivered. However, he got a lot of heat for having to join forces with 2 proven All-Stars to get it done. What better way to end his legacy then to pack up and head to Philly? Transform an organization that has failed for a decade into a dynasty. He will be surrounded by young superstars that will be peaking when LeBron begins his decline. Philly may get a bad wrap as far as fans go, but they are great fans as long as you are winning and putting in effort. Picture a 76ers lineup next season that looks like this : PG- Michael Carter-Williams, SG- Jabari Parker, SF- Thaddeus Young, PF- LeBron James, C- Nerlens Noel. Can you say championship? I left Evan Turner out of this group because I see him getting dealt at some point either this season or in the off-season. I don’t think the Sixers could afford Turner with the kind of money they would have to throw at LeBron. Regardless, LeBron will be in a division that has 4 other teams with no hopes for the future in the Nets, Knicks, Celtics and Raptors.

So LeBron, I hope you’re reading this. You would be a fool not to take the opportunity to join the young stars the Sixers have and win championships with meaning.


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