NFL Divisional Round Preview

Last week I gotta admit was a little disappointing. No let me rephrase that. I wanted to hang myself from my ceiling fan. The Eagles just ripped my heart out, AGAIN, and got everyone’s hopes up, AGAIN. And that’s all I have to say about that. As far as my picks went last week, it could have been worse. 2-1-1, granted the Colts had no business covering that spread or winning. But I am EXTREMELY confident in this weeks picks so if there was ever a week to ride with me it’s now.

Saints @ Seahawks (-10.5)– I don’t care who the team is, if you are in the playoffs and 10 point favorites you aren’t going to cover. End of story. No explanation needed. This will be a close game as most are in the playoffs and that’s all you need to know. Saints may even win this one, just sayin.

Tbow’s Pick– Saints +10.5

Colt’s @ Patriots (-8.5)- Here’s another high spread but sneakily I think the Patroits might roll them. This is the toughest game to decide on by far. I’m leaning towards the Colts and points because of the poor weather. Sure it is going to hurt the Colts offense too but that’s why I think this will be a low scoring affair and a tough one to win by more than a touchdown.

Tbow’s Pick– Colt’s +8.5

49ers @ Panthers (PK)– This one is so tough for Vegas that they aren’t even throwing a spread on here. Pick em straight up. But it’s a no brainer. 49ers have been here before. They did it last week in a much more hostile environment. Panthers had a good run but nothing about them screams deep playoff run.

Tbow’s Pick – 49ers

Chargers @ Broncos (-10.5)– Here’s another one. Sure the Broncos are a great team but the Chargers just beat them at Denver a few weeks ago. This is Peyton Mannings biggest game since his Super Bowl win, maybe even more pressure because if he can’t win this it will solidify him as a choke artist. My philosophy is in the Broncos favor this week though because I always say it’s extremely hard to beat a team twice in one season. Broncos will win but I don’t think they will cover. I can see the Chargers running it and controlling some of the clock making it hard to win by double digits.

Tbow’s Pick– Chargers +10.5


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