Championship Weekend Picks

Last week was much better for me. 3-1 and I feel extremely confident going into this weekend. Overall I’m at 5-2-1 and if you were betting with me you would be pretty happy about that. So today we have one good game and one blowout game. Bet the house this weekend.

Patriots @ Broncos (-5)– This spread should be 10, but I think Vegas felt bad. Even though I do this every time and the Patriots usually do the opposite of what I think, this week will be different. The worst thing that happened to the Patriots last week was the weatherman saying it was going to be 60 degrees and sunny in Denver. The Broncos manhandled the Patriots in the first half then just got caught up in a comeback that should never happen in professional sports. Flukey, and the cold wind was a factor. But you just have to face the facts sometimes. The Patriots defense isn’t that good, and their offense is worse. Peyton is going to build a lead today early and I guarantee you Blount won’t be running through holes big enough to fit a truck. Maybe it’s just me being a hater, but I will tell you all I hate Peyton way more than I hate Brady so it cancels out. This is just logic. Patriots shouldn’t be here, Broncos should. Plain as that. Patriots secondary couldn’t stop LaVon Brazil last week so I’m pretty confident that Decker and Thomas are about to have a field day on that awful secondary.

Tbow’s Pick– Broncos -5

49ers @ Seahawks (-3)– This game is going to be the best game of the playoffs so far. I know the 49ers got absolutely embarassed at Seattle earlier this year but playoffs are a whole different ball game. The two best defenses in the league going head to head in the loudest stadium in the NFL. They both have young quarterbacks who can extend plays with their legs and both have veteran running backs who can run any linebacker over. On paper this is as even a matchup as you will ever get. 49ers have been here before and know what it takes to get it done, but I think it is Seattle’s turn. Their defense is going to obviously be the reason they win, but I think they will need Russel Wilson to throw a couple touchdowns to win today. San Fran’s defense will not let Lynch beat them and it’s going to take Wilson’s best game of the playoffs to win. This will be a nail biter but I think Seattle pulls it out in the end.

Tbow’s Pick– Seahawks -3


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