Leaving Neverland is the grossest thing on television

So I watched part 1 on Sunday night and part 2 last night. I’m not sure whether or not to suggest watching it to people or not, because it was easily the most disgusting 3 hours of content I’ve ever consumed. If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about, Leaving Neverland is a 2 part documentary HBO made, focusing on two people who were sexually abused by Michael Jackson. I, like most people, probably went into it without expectations and definitely not prepared for the extreme detail that the two victims go into. Just stuff nobody could even imagine possible. Deep down, we all knew at the time that this man was extremely messed up for living in a theme park toy land and constantly surrounding himself with children, that weren’t his own. But I’m not sure anyone knew the extent to how sick Michael Jackson was. Halfway through part 1, I didn’t know whether to throw up and shut it off or continue watching. There’s just so many questions.

  1. What kind of normal parent would allow their young kid to sleep, IN THE SAME BED, as a stranger. Like, I get it’s Michael Jackson and he’s this international icon, but there has to be a line somewhere. You don’t think it’s odd that this man with all the money and fame in the world wants you to sleep in the guest house while your kid is cuddling with him in his freaking bedroom? Were all parents back then just like the ones from the other messed up documentary Abducted in Plain Sight? At some point shouldn’t some tiny bit of common sense kick in and be like “hey, maybe don’t let your child sleep with this man”. I mean, you walk through the house and there’s a full on movie theater with all the snacks and popcorn and candy you could want. He was like the human version of a free candy van.
  2. How do two separate kids accuse Michael Jackson of sexually abusing them and he still gets acquitted? I don’t care who is testifying in his defense, when multiple kids are accusing the dude who lives in a god damn amusement park that he named Neverland, I think we should probably believe them. He would call these kids for HOURS, and send them fax’s that were basically love letters. I honestly don’t know whats crazier, the fact that he was sending love letters to 7 year old boys, or the fact that people used to send fax’s to each other to communicate.
  3. How? Just how does something like this happen continuously for years and years and years. And how do these two men come on to this documentary and spill everything out on the table like that? All the details and everything were both just gross and heartbreaking. If that happened to me I’d probably never want to talk about that to anyone, let alone the entire world. Gotta give them a lot of credit for telling their story. Basically, nobody should ever play another Michael Jackson song for the rest of eternity. Hopefully he is currently rotting in hell. download (2)



3 thoughts on “Leaving Neverland is the grossest thing on television”

  1. Nice writing Mike! I haven’t watched it and probably won’t because I know it would make me sick. It reminds me of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Everyone knew what was going on and did nothing. Insane!

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