Top 5 Office Episodes Ever

I’ve been watching some Office episodes the past few days and it had me wondering what episodes were the best of the best. The Office is by far one of the best shows on T.V., of course not including the post-Michael Scott era which clearly isn’t the same. A little part of me died inside on Michael Scott’s last episode, but I have to be honest, the episodes since he left have surpassed my expectations. With all that said, here is my top 5: 5.  Scott’s Tots- Hey Mr. Scott, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do make our dreams come true. This episode sums up Michael in a nutshell. Basically he offers a class of third graders that if they graduate high school he would pay for their college. They come up with a song and dance for him and he has to tell them that he has no money but offers them laptop batteries instead. The only promise funnier/more empty than Michael Scott’s is every promise out of Obama’s mouth. Also, Dwight’s impersonations of Kevin, Toby and Stanley at the end of the episode are spot on and hilarious. P.S. that clip says it all 4. Dwight’s Speech- This is possibly my favorite episode, just because after watching his speech for the first time I think I laughed for 20 minutes straight. Just the whole sequence when Dwight gets to the conference and him having a panic attack in […]

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