Lock of the Year

So I was just scrolling through some of the lines for tonight’s NBA games and almost yacked when I saw the line for the Sixers vs Pistons game. Sixers are only 4 point favorites which is absurd. In the two meetings these two teams had this season, the Sixers have won by 20+ points each time. These two teams don’t even belong on the same court to be honest. Yeah the Sixers have been slumping lately but any team would slump if they can’t rebound the ball. Spencer Hawes is still out but Elton Brand should be back tonight which will give them the extra edge they’ve been missing. These young guys have had a few days off to catch their breath and shake off whatever was going on in their two-week losing streak and I would bet the house on the Sixers winning this game. I don’t even see any scenario that the Sixers don’t cover, I mean, they aren’t the Celtics.

When will the Sixers get some respect?

If anyone would have said the Sixers would be 20-9 and 3rd in the Eastern Conference 2 months into the season, you probably would have called them insane. Some of you probably don’t even know the Sixers are that good because they get talked about for about 2 seconds on ESPN only when they show measly highlights from their game, if any. Instead, ESPN would like to spend 20 minutes a day talking about a Blake Griffin dunk that was worth two points in a game that had 100 for each team. Get a grip ESPN. Who cares that much about a dunk, besides Lebron? Not to mention 8 of the top ten plays are dunks during the NBA season which maybe 1 of them should be seeing as guys in the NHL are doing things that require ten times more skill on a nightly basis. These NBA players are all 6’8, I hope they can put the ball in the basket with their hand on the rim. Anyway, the Sixers just got through arguably their toughest stretch of the season and came out of it 4-3. This stretch started with wins against Orlando and Chicago, a loss to the Heat, then wins against the Hawks and Lakers, and back to back losses against the Spurs and Clippers. Not too shabby going up against nothing but the best teams in the NBA for a week and a half straight. They have also done all this without their big man Spencer Hawes who, when healthy, has turned them from a good team to a great team. They are struggling on the boards right now but are still pulling out wins and they need Hawes healthy by playoff time to be a legit contender. Regardless, these guys need some respect. They have by far the deepest bench in the NBA with Lou Williams, Thad Young and Evan Turner. Any given night one of these guys goes for 20+ and most nights two of them will have 20+ points. Instead of talking about these guys who are giving great production night in and night out off the bench in about 25 minutes let’s talk about Jeremy Lin who has had one good game and a couple pretty good games on a team without their two best players which allows him to shoot the ball 20 times. Maybe it’s better nobody is talking about the Sixers. That way come playoff time everyone will be like, “who the hell are these guys, we are going to kill them”, and then be in tears when they get swept. I am also not worried in the slightest by the Celtics right now and the little stretch they are putting together. They still haven’t really beaten any good teams, they beat Chicago but they were without Rose and Hamilton. Unless the C’s make a couple big moves I don’t see them as a contender this year and potentially screwing themselves in the future. They need to break up the Big 3 before it’s too late and they lose them for nearly nothing. Ainge, you got what you wanted, you got your championship now try to put together a good team to win another one.

Panic Button for the Celtics?

I know it’s only a few weeks into the new NBA season, but how worried should Celtics fans really be right now? 4 wins in their first 11 games, and all four coming against the leagues 3 worst teams (Washington, Detroit, New Jersey). It seems they are having an extremely hard time scoring points, having not cracked 90 in their last six games. KG has definitely lost a step on, and it’s showing on the defensive side of the ball and the Celtics not being able to come up with stops when they need to. I have to admit, as much as I hate the Celtics, I still thought they would come around, but after the game against Dallas a few nights ago I completely had a change of heart. The Celtics were 4-4 and looking to get back on track after a loss to the Pacers, and the Celtics had 5 days off to get ready for the Mavericks game. Yes, five days off which in this shortened season is like a 2 week vacation. If you can’t beat a team who played the night before, at home, after you had five days off then there are some serious flaws in your team. Doc needs to evaluate his team right now and find out a solution quickly before it’s too late. This team is old and needs to get young real quick seeing as the rest of the season is filled with back to backs and even a few back to back to back games.

I think the Celtics need to look into breaking up the big three and going after a young scorer. Maybe trading Allen for a big name prospect, because they are in desperate need of some scoring. They also should have never gotten rid of Perkins. Granted he was useless on the offensive side of the ball, he was a beast on defense. So with the Celtics sitting right now at 4-8 and 10th in the Eastern Conference it would be absurd to say they don’t have a chance. The East is a joke when it comes to the bottom half, so it would be embarrassing if they can’t at least get into the playoffs. I think even with keeping the team as they are they should still straighten out and win some games, but if they don’t make any moves I don’t see them getting higher than a 6 seed and looking at an early exit in the playoffs. The game is just too fast right now for the Celtics to keep up, and the teams that can move the ball up the court quick with young players like the Traiblazers and the Sixers and the Clippers are dominating the league. So if you’re a Celtics fan which most of you reading this probably are, be a little worried but in the end your team should still make the playoffs.

Conspiracy theory?- Doc is trying to sink the team to get a good draft pick so he can pick his son Austin in the 1st round next season. Guy sucks anyways.

Sixers Take First Place

Lock it up! Sixers win against the New Orleans Hornets tonight and take hold of first place in the Atlantic Division for the first time this season. They are in first place and not looking back. This team has what it takes to make a deep run this year. Maybe not win the championship but they could definitely knock off a few teams in the playoffs. They were the only team to play their first five games on the road, and didn’t have the luxury of playing the Wizards twice and the Nets like the Celtics had, but they came out of the road trip 3-2 and could have easily been 5-0. Jrue Holiday is looking great early on, and you can tell by watching that a year of playing together helped this team enormously. Lou Williams is averaging 20 points a game off the bench, and they are getting production from different guys every night. I am pretty sure they might be the only team in the NBA to be actually playing team basketball rather than one on one, and quite frankly it’s because they don’t have a great star player that can take over a game. They know that to play well they need to play together, and they are playing great together right now. Call me crazy but I think this team could end up in first in this division at the end of the season too. Oh, and congratulations to whoever was my 1,000th view today, if I knew who you were I would give you an invisible, meaningless pat on the back. Thanks for reading!