Celtics vs. Heat Preview

The Celtics and Heat are set to square off in about an hour on TNT, thank god. The longer I can go without having to hear Tommy Heinson’s voice the better. The Celtics are coming off a disappointing loss against the New York Knicks on Christmas day, and the Heat are coming off an impressive redemption win against the Mavericks as their 2011 Championship banner was raised to the rafters. It appears Paul Pierce won’t play again tonight, which is a huge loss for the Celtics. I did not get to watch any of the Christmas day game, but Rondo lead the Celtics with 31 points and 13 assists, having a very good game. I was not surprised that he played well. Rondo obviously can’t feel very secure being in Boston as they nearly traded him away in the offseason for Chris Paul, so it is in Rondo’s best interest that he plays at a very high level every game or he could be out the door. In my opinion, the Celtics know that Rondo is a pretty good player, but only if he has a supporting cast. With the big 3 nearing the end of their days in the NBA, the Celtics organization knows that in a few years, Rondo could be the only big name left in Boston (that is assuming you consider Rondo a big name). Chris Paul, as we all know, can at least keep a team afloat without a supporting cast, but I do not have much faith that Rondo could do the same. Look for Rondo to have another big game tonight with Pierce out, but for his efforts to come up small again. The Heat big 3 have a year under their belt now, and this year they could be a very scary team.

I also can’t believe Garnett did not get a suspension after grabbing Bill Walker’s neck at the end of the game on Christmas. It was totally unnecessary and something like that could easily have led to something more. With that being said, he will be playing tonight and don’t expect to see much of him. He has shown the most signs of aging of the Big 3, sustaining injuries the past two years that have forced him to miss significant time. It will be very interesting to see how these older teams deal with the plethora of back to back games this season, as the league is trying to fit as many games in as possible. Final score tonight will be Heat 100 Celtics 88, as the Heat will improve to 2-0 and the Celtics to 0-2. Happy New Year.

Sixers vs Wizards

I know everyone is super excited for the most anticipated matchup since Brady vs. Tebow. Yes I am talking about the Philadelphia 76ers and the Washington Wizards. Ok, maybe I will be the only one watching but I figured I’d throw something together. The Sixers routed the Wizards last week in their first preseason game 101 to 79. My boy Lou Williams went off for 19 off the bench and 2nd year forward Evan Turner added 16 points and 7 rebounds (although he did turn it over 5 times). The key to this season for the Sixers to be successful is consistent play from overpaid forward Elton Brand. Once a dominant force in the NBA, Brand has been battered by injuries and finally showed some signs of life last year. If he can stay healthy and productive, the Sixers have a good shot this season.

Tonight the Sixers go against John Wall and his Wizards. The only thing good about the Wizards this year is their new jerseys, and that might be an overstatement. The Sixers are too athletic for the Wizards and I look for them to win pretty easily in this rematch. Forward off the bench Thaddeus Young is going to have a big night, as the big lefty will go for 20+ points in front of the probably dismal Philly crowd. Also look for Lou Williams to contribute with the 3 ball tonight scoring his usual 15. Who knows what Andre Iguodala will do. That guy has been on the trade block every year he’s been in Philly, and it must be hard to play in a city that you know you’re not truly appreciated. He is a great all around player, but that is not what the Sixers need. They need a veteran scorer who can take over a game. I do believe this is Andre’s last year in Philly and the Sixers find a new home for him relatively soon. In the end, Philly wins 96-82 in the Saco Bowl and the Sixers improve to 2-0 in the Preseason (possibly the most wins they have ever had in December).

NBA Season

You should all know off the bat, I hate the NBA. It’s 10 guys playing one on one for 48 minutes, nothing like how it used to be. And ever since Allen Iverson left the league I have lost much interest. But this year could be the year the Sixers make a push deep into the playoffs.I mean we all know Lebron is going to win this year since he always plays really good 3 quarters of the season, but hopes are high for the Sixers. Young Evan Turner is a year older as well as point guards Jrue Holiday and Lou Williams. I know I say it every year but I honestly do believe this year the Sixers can compete for the Division. The Celtics are old, and I mean old. And with the shortened season, the Celtics have to play a ton of back to back games throughout the year, and it’s not easy for guys that old to play games on back to back days, plain and simple. They also lost Jeff Green who was looking to be their 6th man so things aren’t looking too good for the Celts at least for now. The only one who doesnt seem to be aging is Tommy Heinson who couldn’t age faster. He’s got the annoyance of Joe Buck and the brain capacity of John Madden. Chris Paul and Kobe are going at it right now in L.A. and I really could care less. I along with much of the country would rather watch the lights go on and off in San Francisco right now than that game, mostly just because it’s hard to get into basketball until football is over. Look for the Sixers to get off to a hot start this season and Lou Williams to suprise a lot of folks this year off the bench.