Comparison of the Year

Tomorrow is the big day, and I haven’t slept since Sunday. I’ve been drinking a lot of soda and eating a lot of sugar. Of course, I turn on the TV at 2 to listen to Felger and Mazz and as I am researching my statistics for this comparison I am about to give you, they bring up the same comparison. Always stealing my thunder, not that any of you listen or watch them anyways. So before I tell you this I just want to make it clear that I am in no way saying Tebow is going to be as good as Brady.

We all know the amount of scrutiny Tim Tebow has been under coming into the league, and everything he does has been analyzed over and over and over again. Tom Brady was an end of the draft pick who nobody knew. In Brady’s first 11 games in his 2nd season, which was 2001 when he led them to the Super Bowl, Brady threw and rushed for 2,278 yards, 16 total touchdowns and 9 interceptions while posting an 8-3 record. Tim Tebow in his first 11 games in his second season he threw and rushed for 2,317 yards, 16 total touchdowns, and 6 interceptions while posting a 7-4 record. Eerily similar? I think so. If you took these two players, put the stats in front of someone who didn’t know who they were, they would say they were about the same. The difference now is that Tim Tebow has been under a microscope since he came out of college. He had expectations the second he stepped on the field, and because of some of his flaws, people are quick to judge his ability when in reality, we all forget he is still a rookie for the most part. This is his first full season (if you want to call 11 games a full season) and his numbers are the same as Brady’s in his first full season. Now I won’t be ridiculous and claim Tim Tebow will be as good as Brady someday or that he’s better than him because it’s not true. Tom Brady and Tim Tebow have what Skip Bayless calls the “clutch gene” that many players don’t possess. Tom Brady told Robert Kraft after they had drafted him that he was going to be the best decision he ever made.

That season I was comparing Tebow to Brady was 2001, and that was the year Drew Bledsoe went down against the Jets in week 2. That year, the Patriots as a team were much better than the Broncos are as a team this year. The Patriots had a top 5 defense. The playoff games the Patriots won that year were won by defense, special teams, and of course the one referee in the entire world who knew what the tuck rule was. It is crazy to even think about what would have transpired the next few years had that ref been like the rest of the world and not known that new rule. The Patriots would have lost in that first round and I wonder if they would have been the same team going forward? I think it was Troy Brown who had the big touchdown against the Steelers in the AFC Championship on the punt return that won them the game in a game that everyone expected them to lose. Had Brady come out of college as a top prospect with high expectations, what would we have said about his numbers that season? Would he be thrown under the bus in games they lost and praised in games they won? Would his success have been written off because it’s what people expect he should do? If Tebow pulls off the unthinkable and wins the Super Bowl, would anyone give him credit? Probably not, but I just thought that was an interesting comparison I found which you all should look at and think about. Enjoy the Patriot’s last game of the year tomorrow, it’s going to be a long offseason. Make sure you guys tweet @Ochocinco for all his help this year.

Tim Tebow…Did You Ever Doubt Him?

John 3:16- “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” This is Tim’s favorite passage from the Bible, and at Florida displayed this on his eye-black often. Tebow threw for 316 yards today in an overtime win for the Broncos. Coincidence? “Believe” is a very overused but effective word. It is something that Tim does in his team, his faith, and his ability to win football games. It is also something Tebow fans and Bronco fans have in their team and quarterback. Many don’t like to hear the word when dealing with sports, but it is something very simple that makes a big difference. The 2004 Red Sox believed when their backs were against the wall, down 3 games to none in the ALCS against the greatest MLB Franchise. The New England Patriots believed when their star quarterback Drew Bledsoe went down with an injury and unknown backup, at the time, Tom Brady came in and led them to a Super Bowl. Maybe it’s just a word. Maybe saying you believe has no effect on the outcome in anything, but if you watch the Broncos this season you might have a whole new outlook on the word.

The Broncos piled up a whopping 8 yards of total offense in the 1st quarter, and found themselves in a 6-0 hole. For the first time in weeks, John Fox allowed his quarterback to play. Tebow was flawless in the 2nd quarter. Hitting on a 51 yard perfect pass to Demaryius Thomas, and then a beautiful 30 yard touchdown pass to Eddie Royal on the first drive of the quarter. Next possession, Tebow hit Thomas on another beautiful deep pass which led to a Tebow touchdown run. The Broncos receivers torched Ike Taylor and Troy Polamalu. The offense cooled down in the second half, and opened the door for Big Ben to give his team a chance. Late scores by the Steelers tied the game up, but did any of you think the Broncos would lose? Ben Roethlisberger had a 10-3 record in the playoffs, as well as two Super Bowl rings. The Steelers also had the best defense this year, and Tebow ended the Steelers hope with an 80 yard touchdown pass to Thomas to seal the game on the first play of overtime. All week, we all heard how the Broncos wouldn’t score any points, and how they had zero chance in this game. If you were one of the people who gave them no chance, what do you say after a performance like that? They said Tebow couldn’t throw, yet he threw for the most yards the Steelers had given up all year. They said this was going to be Tebow’s last start as an NFL quarterback, yet he will be starting Saturday in Foxboro. If O.J. can get away with murder, Tim Tebow can win on Saturday.


Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow finally was brought back down to earth on Sunday (maybe not actually in his mind) when his Broncos were beaten by the Pats 41-23. Yeah yeah Saturday Night Live called it, Jesus wasn’t going to be in Denver Sunday to save Tebow but it wasn’t even Tebow that needed the help. It was Von Miller and his defense. Tebow played pretty solid, aside from his turnover on a poor read. He accounted for 2 rushing touchdowns, both on which he needed to bowl through defenders to get to the endzone. Plain and simple the guy is good and hey, he will probably even make the Pro Bowl in a season in which he didn’t play the first 5 games. Granted, the AFC doesn’t really have many great quarterbacks aside from Tom Brady. You have to think with what he has accomplished bringing his team to victory in 7 of his 9 starts, 6 of which in unlikely fashion he at least deserves consideration. He is throwing the ball (when he actually has to throw) to guys who probably would be on the practice squad on many of the other teams in the league. Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas are his top two and while they have some skill they certainly aren’t a great supporting cast for Tebow.

My prediction is that the Broncos go in to Buffalo next week and throw up a 40berger on them. The Bills let Reggie Bush run for 200 yards on them last week. Yes, 200 yards. I think Tebow might go for about 100 on the ground and add another 200 in the air combined with 3 TD’s. The Bills and Ryan Fitzpatricks disgusting beard have packed it in this season, I mean its hard to go forward after you win the Super Bowl in September (Bills 34 Patriots 31). With that I believe if my math is correct the Broncos would clinch the AFC West as they have the tiebreaker over the Chargers and Oakland who are both a game back. I can tell you the Broncos will be a scary team in the playoffs, especially since Jesus is free every day after Christmas.