Final Four Locks

Tip off is in a few minutes down in New Orleans, and I am here to the rescue to give some of you some last-minute betting help. The line for the first game which is Kentucky and Louisville is Kentucky -8.5. Excuse me what? If you had any clue you would take Louisville, and hey I would even take the money line which will make you rich. Louisville is hot, and we saw last year what hot Big East teams who won the conference could do against all odds. I like Louisville to pull this one out in a thriller. I even like Louisville to win the whole thing. They had their one scare game which was last week when they should have lost but Florida handed them the win. It’s games like that which put a season in perspective.

The second game is Ohio St. and Kansas. The line has Ohio State at 3 point favorites. I think Vegas might actually have this right. Ohio State has looked pretty solid and I am going to have to back the line and take the favorites in this one. Get your bets in and get rich and if you want you can throw some money at me for the help.


Championship Sunday

It has been a few days since my last post and I’m sure all of you have been waiting eagerly by the computer for my next one so I apologize for the delay. Anyways, there’s nothing really to talk about now that Tebow is done. I’m sure you guys would get sick of me talking about the Sixers winning and the Celtics losing every night. Tomorrow we will all find out who will be heading to the Super Bowl. If you have been betting with my picks the last few weeks you are probably very happy seeing as I have gone 6-2 this playoff year. So take the money you won and let it ride this week on the picks I’m about to give you:

New York Giants at San Francisco (-3)

This is a very tough game to decide. I have gone back and forth on this one this week but I think I can finally pick with confidence. The 49ers have had an amazing year, proving to everyone last week with that insane last 2 minutes that they are the real deal. However, the last two minutes is what scares me the most. They gave up points on consecutive drives in crunch time to almost blow the game, and I am not sure if that will be in the back of the minds of the defense this week. Eli looked great again, completing the upset against the Packers who just played the wrong team at the wrong time. I like the G-Men to keep on rolling through the 49ers and into the Super Bowl. They are just playing too good right now on both sides of the ball to not make it. They are easily the scariest of the 4 teams right now, and will most likely be favorites in the Super Bowl if they complete this last upset. This will be a close game in the first half and I like the Giants to pull away in the 2nd half. I see them winning by 10, and their defensive line to control the game. Tbow’s Pick- Giants +3

Baltimore at New England (-9)

The line for this game started at -7.5 and is up to as much as 9 right now as bettors are obviously liking the Patriots this week. They picked apart the Denver defense and made it look easy in doing so. Denver just clearly didn’t have the tools on defense to get pressure on Brady. Baltimore won a close game against Houston, and Flacco played pretty poorly. The Patriots did look unstoppable on offense and their defense looked great for once last week, but I have a few worries. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are probably looking at their last run at a Super Bowl, and that adds fire to their already high level play, and Baltimore has the tools to cover the two-headed freak of Hernandez and Gronkowski. The Pat’s are going to need Welker and Branch to step up, maybe Ochocinco can get some pom-poms to use on the sideline seeing as he only played 1 offensive play last game. Hernandez should be watched closely during this game as well. He took a big hit in the end of the game at the goaline, and Belichick might have given him the ball out of the backfield once too many times. There was no need for him to be in the game, but Bill gave him the ball and he looked to have suffered a concussion. He says he is ok and is likely to play but if he gets a good solid hit on him early, it could be an early day for him as head injuries don’t go away easily. I like this to be a close battle and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Ravens pull the upset. I am going to go with my gut, though and say the Patriots will win this one though, in a close game that comes down to the wire. Patriots 30-27. If you’re playing the spread go with the Ravens though. Tbow’s Pick- Baltimore +9