Throwback Thursday: Skip-it

Let’s bring this Throwback Thursday wayyyyy back and remember maybe one of the best toys on the playground if you were a child growing up in the 90’s. Skip-it probably ruined many friendships and caused a billion fights, but it was easily the the best toy of my generation. It was the only-child’s dream toy. You could basically play jump rope without needing any other human interaction. Can you imagine kids using this today? I mean, that would require them to actually go outside and put their phones down for 5 seconds, but I would love to see the Skip-it make a comeback. There is 100% certainty if I tried using one today, I would break both of my ankles and end up flinging the thing through someones windshield. Those mallets on the end that had the counter on it hurt like hell every single time it would nick you right in the ankle bone, but that didn’t stop us from playing. But who am I kidding? These are way too dangerous for kids these days. Maybe in another 30 years they’ll come back around. Until then, we will let this commercial bring us back to the glory days.

5 Best Documentaries on Netflix

Like most people these days, all of my information comes from either Twitter or documentaries. These mostly one sided completely unbiased documentaries are the reason everyone cancelled their trips to Sea-World, stopped taking Tom Cruise and John Travolta seriously, and considered Edward Snowden an American Hero rather than a fugitive. Who am I kidding, I believe everything I see or hear which is what has made the documentary boom so much more interesting. Now you can watch a documentary, go online and read hours worth of articles basically telling you the opposite of what you just watched. Where else can you get that kind of entertainment? Anyways, here is my list of the 5 best relatively new docs on Netflix right now.

5. The Ted Bundy Tapes

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This is a multi-episode documentary which I think a lot of people were excited for, especially if you’re into the true crime stuff. I’m not sure this one actually lived up to the hype but I still think it’s a must watch. There’s a ton of information, most of which is hard to believe, like, I don’t know, a police department having a serial killer in their custody, in a court room, and letting him jump out of a window to escape. Crazy to think about something like this happening in today’s society, well, never mind no it’s not. Ted Bundy is one of the most famous serial killers ever and it’s fascinating to learn so much about him in this short series.

4. Behind the Curve

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So this documentary follows a few different individuals, who, wait for it, believe the Earth is flat. Now, before you make fun of them, they bring up some really good points. I was halfway through watching it and wondering how I’ve lived for 29 years letting everyone tell me that we live on a sphere and how stupid all of us are. I knew there was something fishy about this whole gravity thing. This is the ultimate conspiracy theory documentary, but it’s also very well put together and extremely entertaining. You also have to watch all the way until the very end because it’s one of the funniest endings to anything I’ve ever seen in my life.

3. FYRE- The Greatest Party that Never Happened

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If you haven’t seen this, I’m not sure what you’re doing with your life and you must have felt extremely awkward and left out when every single person in America was talking about this at work or basically anywhere you went. But, if you have been living under a rock, this takes us behind the scenes of the biggest scam of all time, where thousands of people were duped into going to an island for a crazy festival, staying in private cabanas and hotels, seeing all their favorite bands, surrounded by beautiful beaches and people, then realizing they were staying in FEMA tents in a giant gravel parking lot eating cheese sandwiches. Now, I love cheese sandwiches but not for ten thousand dollars. Maybe one of the wildest docs to believe, and if you don’t believe me there’s even a second one on Hulu that you should probably borrow someone’s password for and check it out.

2. Alt-Right: Age of Rage

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Now, I won’t get too political or anything, but to make it simple, this doc follows a white supremacist and an Antifa activist, with all of it basically leading up to the horrible day in Charlottesville, VA a few years back. I think this is important to watch because it’s really disgusting how much hate there is in the world. It’s one thing to watch the news or read stuff online and just imagine it, but to see behind the scenes, follow real people who are dedicating their lives to hating others is eye opening. Obviously white supremacists are awful, terrible human beings, but the Antifa activists are also terrible, delusional humans for the most part. Although if someone who belongs to either affiliation is reading this, I love you and please don’t hurt me.

1. Abducted in Plain Sight

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Woof. I mean, that’s all you can really say after watching this. I think I had to physically close my jaw at one point, that’s how disturbing this documentary was. Essentially, this tells the story of two parents who allowed a “family friend” to sexually abuse and kidnap their daughter, on multiple occasions. That brief summary right there doesn’t do any of it justice though, because there are so many twists and turns throughout where you don’t even know who you’re actually mad at anymore. The parents, the kidnapper, the daughter, the police. At one point I honestly thought the entire thing was a joke because there is no possible way this happened in real life. Unfortunately, it did. Or I guess fortunately for our viewing pleasure.

Well, there’s my top 5. If you haven’t seen any of these, set some time aside and watch them. If you’ve seen them all, congrats? If there’s any that you think I missed and deserve to be on the top 5 list, please go to and start your own blog and you can make your own top 5 list.

P..S.- The earth definitely is NOT flat…………..

Leaving Neverland is the grossest thing on television

So I watched part 1 on Sunday night and part 2 last night. I’m not sure whether or not to suggest watching it to people or not, because it was easily the most disgusting 3 hours of content I’ve ever consumed. If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about, Leaving Neverland is a 2 part documentary HBO made, focusing on two people who were sexually abused by Michael Jackson. I, like most people, probably went into it without expectations and definitely not prepared for the extreme detail that the two victims go into. Just stuff nobody could even imagine possible. Deep down, we all knew at the time that this man was extremely messed up for living in a theme park toy land and constantly surrounding himself with children, that weren’t his own. But I’m not sure anyone knew the extent to how sick Michael Jackson was. Halfway through part 1, I didn’t know whether to throw up and shut it off or continue watching. There’s just so many questions.

  1. What kind of normal parent would allow their young kid to sleep, IN THE SAME BED, as a stranger. Like, I get it’s Michael Jackson and he’s this international icon, but there has to be a line somewhere. You don’t think it’s odd that this man with all the money and fame in the world wants you to sleep in the guest house while your kid is cuddling with him in his freaking bedroom? Were all parents back then just like the ones from the other messed up documentary Abducted in Plain Sight? At some point shouldn’t some tiny bit of common sense kick in and be like “hey, maybe don’t let your child sleep with this man”. I mean, you walk through the house and there’s a full on movie theater with all the snacks and popcorn and candy you could want. He was like the human version of a free candy van.
  2. How do two separate kids accuse Michael Jackson of sexually abusing them and he still gets acquitted? I don’t care who is testifying in his defense, when multiple kids are accusing the dude who lives in a god damn amusement park that he named Neverland, I think we should probably believe them. He would call these kids for HOURS, and send them fax’s that were basically love letters. I honestly don’t know whats crazier, the fact that he was sending love letters to 7 year old boys, or the fact that people used to send fax’s to each other to communicate.
  3. How? Just how does something like this happen continuously for years and years and years. And how do these two men come on to this documentary and spill everything out on the table like that? All the details and everything were both just gross and heartbreaking. If that happened to me I’d probably never want to talk about that to anyone, let alone the entire world. Gotta give them a lot of credit for telling their story. Basically, nobody should ever play another Michael Jackson song for the rest of eternity. Hopefully he is currently rotting in hell. download (2)


Brad Stevens seat could melt an igloo

The Celtics are free falling. And not in the cool John Mayer remix kind of way. Losers of 4 straight, the green teamers are starting to panic and rightfully so. However, most of the outrage seems to be towards Kyrie. While he certainly deserves blame, I think the issues with this team are bigger than that and come from the top. Brad Stevens, boy genius, Gregg Popovich 2.0 is the main reason the Celtics are on the verge of complete and utter chaos.

While nobody can refute that what Brad Stevens had done up to this point was impressive, this season has been a complete disappointment in every way possible. Each year except for his first, the Celtics always over achieved. So what has changed? The answer is egos. Stevens has never in his career had to deal with managing egos on teams, from his Butler days until now. His system is predicated on ball movement and sacrifice. These things were easier to achieve with the Avery Bradley’s, the Jae Crowders, the Isaaih Thomas’s of the world. The Celtics always had guys with chips on their shoulders and something to prove. This year? Well, fresh off being 1 quarter away from a Finals appearance in May, the Celtics young players had the entire off-season to listen to how good they were, how much talent they have, how they will easily make it to the Finals this season. Terry Rozier, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum were victims to their own success. Now, under a coach who knew how to manage egos this might not have been such a disaster. Some might say the last Celtics coach might be better fit for the job. Doc Rivers was a players coach and while he might not have actually known what he was doing when it came to basketball, he knew how to keep everyone happy enough to make the product on the court successful. Stevens might just be in over his head.

Kyrie is a diva. We all know this. He loves the drama. He learned from LeBron, but LeBron was good enough to make up for his antics on the court. Kyrie however is not. Kyrie runs around saying whatever he wants, calling guys out, throwing teammates under the bus, and blaming the media for anything that is negative. If this were last year, the young guys like Jaylen and Tatum might have just let all of this slide. The problem is they think they are on Kyrie’s level now, because that’s what they were told by everyone after the playoffs last year. There is a power struggle inside the Celtics locker room, and Brad Stevens allowed it to happen, and has zero idea how to fix it. I mean, the man had the nerve to come out after their 4th straight loss last night and say they lost simply because they “missed shots”. Come on now. They lost because nobody gives a shit besides Marcus Smart, who unfortunately is not that good at basketball. Steven’s isn’t equipped to handle a situation like this. That’s why he is the biggest problem right now, and not Kyrie. Star players win championships in the NBA, not coaches. And if Stevens doesn’t know how to coach star players ( No, the midget IT doesn’t count as a star), then the Celtics entire plan will never work.

There is a very real possibility that Kyrie walks in July, and that would be an absolute disaster. Sure, they might look better night to night in the regular season running back the team from last years playoffs, but that team would be the worst team in the Atlantic Divison. They would be behind the Nets, yes, the same Nets who HANDED THEM 3 TOP 5 PICKS. Celtics fans may not want to believe it, or may not be paying attention, but the Nets have just as much young talent as they do. Right now the only difference is Kyrie. Take Kyrie away, yeah, I’d much rather run with Russell, Levert, Dinwiddie and Allen than Tatum, Brown, Smart and Rozier. So my suggestion to Danny Ainge would be to fire Steven’s to keep Kyrie there, and hope you can find a coach who can manage these players. If not, the Celtics might be tanking during the window that everyone said was their championship window. Hate to see it.

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