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NFL Week 3 Gambling Guide

So I’m a little late to the party, but it’s better late than never right? I am going to try and do this every week, unless of course my picks are embarrassing then I’ll probably stop. I wrote half this the other night with lots of insight and it didn’t save so I’m starting from scratch with slightly less insight. Let’s win some money. Chargers @ Bills (-2.5)- This line has moved a little bit this morning down to as low as 1.5, but regardless I like the Bills. I think both teams are surprisingly good this season, Bills more so. The Chargers are coming off a huge win against Seattle, but have to travel coast to coast and are playing at 1 ET on top of that. I think the Chargers put up a stinker today and the Bills show bettors and fans that they could be legit this year. They can run the ball and EJ Manuel has been efficient, sound familiar? Good defense, mobile efficient quarterback and a stellar run game. Poor man’s Seattle. Take the Bills. Pick- Bills -2.5 Cowboys @ Rams (+2.5)- Rams are beat up and on their 3rd string quarterback and the Cowboys are coming off a big road win to avoid the dreaded 0-2. But this is the Cowboys and can you really trust them as road favorites? I’m not sure. The Cowboys schedule gets pretty tough including a prime time Sunday […]

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Super Bowl Sunday

Well folks, the day is here. Lucky for you, I get to tell you my final pick for the last football game of the year. Went 2-0 in the Conference champions picks which puts me at 7-2-1 for the playoffs. Not too shabby. So take a seat, place your bets and drink all the beer you can because it’s Super Bowl Sunday! Seahawks @ Broncos (-3)– The line moved around a bit this week but it looks like it’s solid at Broncos -3. Big mistake by Vegas. I love, love, love the Seahawks today. I got to watch a good amount of each of these teams this year and I think Seattle is a better overall team. Historically, when you have a great defense against a great offense, the defense has the upper hand and ends up winning. I have no idea why this happens but it does. This game comes down to the Seattle offense against the Broncos defense. People are over looking the loss of the Broncos top D-back Chris Harris way too much. When you are missing your best corner, that’s a huge loss especially when your defense wasn’t that good to begin with. I think Russel Wilson once again will need to play well in order for the Seahawks to win. Marshawn Lynch can’t do it himself, but Wilson needs to be efficient like he has been all year. For the Broncos, they need to protect […]

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Championship Weekend Picks

Last week was much better for me. 3-1 and I feel extremely confident going into this weekend. Overall I’m at 5-2-1 and if you were betting with me you would be pretty happy about that. So today we have one good game and one blowout game. Bet the house this weekend. Patriots @ Broncos (-5)– This spread should be 10, but I think Vegas felt bad. Even though I do this every time and the Patriots usually do the opposite of what I think, this week will be different. The worst thing that happened to the Patriots last week was the weatherman saying it was going to be 60 degrees and sunny in Denver. The Broncos manhandled the Patriots in the first half then just got caught up in a comeback that should never happen in professional sports. Flukey, and the cold wind was a factor. But you just have to face the facts sometimes. The Patriots defense isn’t that good, and their offense is worse. Peyton is going to build a lead today early and I guarantee you Blount won’t be running through holes big enough to fit a truck. Maybe it’s just me being a hater, but I will tell you all I hate Peyton way more than I hate Brady so it cancels out. This is just logic. Patriots shouldn’t be here, Broncos should. Plain as that. Patriots secondary couldn’t stop LaVon Brazil last week so I’m […]

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