NFL Wild Card Round Preview

imagesToday marks the beginning of the NFL Playoffs which means it’s time for me to tell you how you can make some money. I have to be honest though, this year might be one of the toughest years to pick the winners. Every game it seems like could go either way and to me it’s one of the most balanced out fields in a long time. Except the Broncos. They’re good. But I hate them. Anyway, here are you’re expert picks for the two games today and tomorrow.

Chiefs @ Colts (+1)– Here’s one of the most intriguing games of the first round. You have the Chiefs who may be the biggest fraud team in the NFL and the Colts who are the best Jeckyl and Hyde team of the season. To me the Colts are a better team on paper. Losing Reggie Wayne was a big blow offensively but they’re young wide receivers have picked it up and their defense has been playing pretty good. The Chiefs seem to have lost their purpose in life after losing to the Broncos and their defense has just disappeared. They’ve lost 5 of their last 7 games including a demoralizing home loss to the Colts in week 16 which makes me think the Colts will roll today. Andy Reid has a history of not getting it done in the playoffs and the Chiefs just simply put are playing their worst football at the worst time of the year.

Tbow’s Pick– 30-14 Colts +1

Saints @ Eagles (-3)– Everyone knows I am an Eagles fan so this pick may be biased, but let’s be real when I have ever done something like that? I have high hopes for the Eagles in the playoffs this season. The stars have aligned and they can very well have a smooth road to the NFC Championship game. Saints are 3-5 on the road this season and have always struggled in poor weather conditions. The Eagles have also won 7 of their last 8 games and that is the recipe for deep playoff success in recent years. It’s not always the better team on paper who wins this time of year, it’s the teams that are playing the best and the Eagles are doing that. They played a playoff game last week against Dallas and I believe they are ready to get their first playoff game in forever today. I expect the Eagles to get to Drew Brees on defense and make his life hell tonight. So let’s go Birds!

Tbow’s Pick– 27-17 Eagles -3

Chargers @ Bengals (-7)– Very interesting game here. Biggest spread of the first round and in the playoffs I almost always take the points. Both teams have had some impressive wins as of late but it is just sticking in my brain that San Diego should have lost to the Cheifs last week who sat all of their starters. Andy Dalton hasn’t been able to get out of the first round but he’s built some experience now and there’s no question the Bengals are a much better team. I also say every year how hard it is in the NFL to beat a team twice, and the Bengals beat the Chargers in week 13, 17-10 so you know what, I think I will take the underdog in this one. I really like Keenan Allen and I think this game will come down to a last second field goal but could go either way.

Tbow’s Pick– 21-20 Chargers +7

49ers @ Packers (+3)– Was very surprised to see Green Bay getting 3 points at home in a playoff game. Don’t see that very often. It is gonna be a bit nippy out in Green Bay but I don’t see that as an advantage or disadvantage for either team. Both have big running backs who can pound the ball all day. The difference will be if Green Bay’s defense can limit the big plays. This is one of those games that really can go either way, but the Packers offense is much better than the 49ers offense now that Rodgers is back so that is why I will give them the slight edge.

Tbow’s Pick– 24-20 Packers +3

So there ya have it. Put you’re money where my mouth is because I don’t have any, so take my advice, win some money and then throw some my way. Thanks.

Last Minute Harbowl Predictions

Baltimore Ravens @ San Francisco 49ers (-4)– This is it. What will the world do without 24/7 talk about Ray Lewis’s last game and looking into the lives of the Harbaugh brothers? Well life will probably be much better that’s all I know. This game comes down to one thing. Deer Antler Spray  Turnovers. A lot of people are calling this one a defensive battle and a low scoring game. I think it’s going to be just the opposite. The Ravens offense has been clicking somewhat over the last few weeks, and the 49ers has been clicking since Kaepernick took over. Sure, the Ravens defense looked suffocating last week, but don’t forget the Patriots abandoned the run and allowed them to dictate the play. I don’t see how Ray Lewis can either contain Kaepernick and the option read or cover Vernon Davis over the middle. I don’t think it can be done. At the same time, Matty Ice picked apart the 49ers defense in the fist half. I was actually embarrassed for them at one point. But we all know Atlanta is a bunch of choke artists who don’t know how to win so that’s how the 49ers defense got let off the hook. Shootout time tonight, and luckily for Akers it probably won’t come down to a field goal and if it did he will definitely miss.

Final Score- 49ers 35 Ravens 24

Tbow’s Pick- 49ers -4

Championship Weekend Preview

champLast weekend started out awesome and then the Falcons decided to poop their pants and lose probably a ton of people money. I ended up at 2-2 last week so that puts me at 5-3 for the playoffs. Needles to say I am a little disappointed, and this weekends picks are not easy at all. But you can bet all your money that I will never bet the Falcons ever again in my life after last week. Ever.

49ers @ Falcons (+5)- I had to look twice to make sure I was seeing it right but, yep, the Falcons are 5 point dogs at home. Kind of a slap in the face to Atlanta but you know what, they deserve it. How do you let Russ Wilson come back on you at home like that? I was hoping they’d lose when they gave up the lead. Didn’t deserve to win at all. After watching Kaepernick last week though, I can understand why Vegas favors the Niners. It was like watching a video game offense. Kaepernick’s speed was unbelievable and some of his throws were out of this world. I like the Niners to win the Super Bowl, but the Falcons certainly have an offense to keep up with the Niners and the fact that they finally got over the hump and one a playoff game scares me. Will it give them the much needed confidence to get over the hump and keep going on to the Super Bowl or will Matty Ice just be thankful he finally won a game? I’ll go with the latter. Blowout city today, Niners goin to the ship as G baby once said.

Tbow’s Pick- 49ers -5

Ravens @ Patriots (-10)- Well, last week I said 10 was just too much of a spread. Texans almost back-doored the cover but came up short. I think 10 is too much again for the spread, and I think this is going to be a dog fight, and Mike Vick isn’t invited. Ravens just went into Denver and honestly dominated them offensively. Champ Bailey couldn’t cover Helen Keller last week and that’s why they lost. Torrey Smith could have had 4 touchdowns if Flacco didn’t over throw him twice. The defense was very, very shaky and the little dink and dunks that Denver runs is similar to what the Patriots do. Brady throws a lot of 5-10 yard passes and only goes deep if the D begs him to. I think the Pats could easily pick on Ray in the middle and just eat up yards and time. But I don’t see that translating into a lot of points today. I think the Ravens can tighten up in the red zone and hold the Patriots to field goals rather than touchdowns, especially with no Gronk. I think the Ravens could win, and maybe it is destiny because good things happen to you if you murder someone. If you can get away with murder the sky is the limit, so Ravens go on to the Super Bowl to get an absolute beat down by the NIners.

Tbow’s Pick- Ravens +10

NFL Divisional Round Preview

So last week I went 3-1 in my picks, not bad. Many people thought the New Orleans spread was way too high and many thought the Broncos would get blown out so I would say 3-1 was pretty respectable. We have great games this week, and you might be interested to hear my thoughts in this week of the underdogs. Lets start in the NFC:

New Orleans (-4) at San Francisco

I have really been on the Saints bandwagon the past few weeks. They have been unstoppable it seems on offense. However, the Saints success is  connected to their ability to play at home. The Saints on the road are a much, much different team. Many of us are still waiting for the 49ers to be the 49ers we know, and that’s the one’s that stink up the joint. It simply just hasn’t happened because this team is solid. They have a top 5 defense, and an oustanding running game led by veteran Frank Gore. I like the 49ers to get to Brees all day and make his life a living nightmare, and for the 49ers to come away with the win. The spread will probably even move higher to maybe a -7 for the Saints by game time but either way I like San Fran to cover. Tbow’s Pick- San Francisco +4

New York Giants at Green Bay (-9)

I really didn’t expect what I saw from the Giants last week. The Falcons looked terrible, and that was mostly due to the Giants constant pressure and ability to make a stop when they needed to. The Giants played the Packers tight earlier in the season, and I think this game will be very close. In the NFL, a lot of success is created from momentum. The Giants have been playing playoff games since week 14 and we all saw how dangerous a hot team like that can be in the playoffs as the Packers were the same type of team last year. I like the G-Men to shock the world in Green Bay with a victory behind the guy I hate Eli Manning. Tbow’s Pick- New York Giants +9

Houston at Baltimore (-9)

I have watched a few Texans games and I have watched a few Baltimore games this year and to tell you the truth, neither team really impresses me. Joe Flacco can play great at times but can also play awful. The Texans are just a solid team that plays great defense and can limit youre offensive opportunities with their run game. I think this is going to be another close game, definitely closer than the 9 point line. However, I do like the Ravens to win the game. This is surprisingly Joe Flacco’s first home playoff game, so I think he will play good. If you are betting the line, I like the Texans to cover but come up short. Tbow’s Pick- Texans +9

Denver at New England (-14)

No big deal. Just a halo over Mile High Sunday

When I saw this line open up at 14 points I wanted to vomit all over myself. The better Tim Tebow plays the less credit he gets, it’s insane. I am going to post a fully detailed post about the reasons why Denver will win on Saturday so I will keep this post short and give you the summary. Pats haven’t won a playoff game since 07. Denver won their home game and everything else is gravy, no pressure. The game they played in week 15 would have been a much different game had it not been for 3 second quarter turnovers, and the Patriots don’t do well in the playoffs against an oponent they beat easily a few weeks earlier (they beat the Jets 45-3 in week 13 last year then lost 28-21 in the Divisional Round) I like the Tebow’s to cover and win against Brady and Co. behind Josh McDaniels sabotage. Tbow’s Pick- Denver +14