Was Anyone Surprised by the Canucks?

I am so mad after that game. Not because the Bruins lost but because it seems like there is more unfinished business than before. I have never seen a bigger group of wimps and rats in my entire life. I was surprised anyone even decided to drop the gloves for the Canucks, and Horton held his own against Vancouver’s enforcer, which Thornton wasn’t too happy about. What was up with the refs too? They handed Vancouver the game with the ridiculous penalty calls. Clipping on Marchand? I didn’t even know there was such thing as clipping in hockey and where was that call in the Stanley Cup Finals when the Canucks did it to Lucic along the bench? Then Salo throws his stick up in the air at the fans, typical Vancouver.

It was a disappointing game, to say the least. It started so great too, and just the way all of us had expected it to. But when half the game is played on special teams you knew it wasn’t going to bode well for the Bruins who are the best 5 on 5 team in the NHL. It’s too bad we wont get to see the Canucks until the Stanley Cup now, but I can’t wait. Just hearing Lu-on-go every five minutes from the crowd made my day, and typical Luongo couldn’t make the save on Bergerons attempt to decapitate him on the bench at the end of the game. Merry Christmas Vancouver. You beat us in the regular season. Hope you enjoyed the view of our new banner. See you in June.

Stanley Cup Rematch Preview

This afternoon we all learned that backup goalie Cory Schneider will be in net for the Canucks tomorrow, not Roberto Luongo. Quite frankly, I don’t blame the Canucks for making this move. Luongo was god awful in his starts at Boston in the Stanley Cup, and he looked like he couldn’t save a beach ball. I was really hyped up for this game the past few days, but now I am not sure it is going to be the type of game we all might have hoped it would be. You would think these Canucks would want to come into Boston and stand up for themselves after last years embarrassing upset in the Finals. I think the Canucks are just playing this game for damage control right now. Think about the turn their season would take if they went into Boston tomorrow with their best goalie and the Bruins chased him out and embarrassed them again? Think of the emotional damage that would have on the psyche of the Sedin sisters and the rest of the Canucks. So let’s put in our backup, write the game off as a loss, and hey, maybe we will come out with a win some how and that will be a boost for us. That doesn’t sound like the Canucks though, playing scared.

My prediction for tomorrow is the Bruins are going to embarrass the Canucks, maybe even put up another nine spot. I think they should all wear their rings under their gloves too just for good measure. I feel bad for Luongo tomorrow. He is going to be a sitting duck on the bench for the always polite Boston fans to shout their compliments at him. Poor guy. Regardless of if the Canucks want this to be a physical game or not, it is going to be physical. Hopefully the Canucks will put Aaron Rome into the lineup so Horton can get some retribution for that disgusting hit he took last year from him. So now I guess I will go and watch the Bruins Stanley Cup DVD so I can get hyped again for this game. Final score- Bruins 6 Vancouver 2.