Final Four Locks

Tip off is in a few minutes down in New Orleans, and I am here to the rescue to give some of you some last-minute betting help. The line for the first game which is Kentucky and Louisville is Kentucky -8.5. Excuse me what? If you had any clue you would take Louisville, and hey I would even take the money line which will make you rich. Louisville is hot, and we saw last year what hot Big East teams who won the conference could do against all odds. I like Louisville to pull this one out in a thriller. I even like Louisville to win the whole thing. They had their one scare game which was last week when they should have lost but Florida handed them the win. It’s games like that which put a season in perspective.

The second game is Ohio St. and Kansas. The line has Ohio State at 3 point favorites. I think Vegas might actually have this right. Ohio State has looked pretty solid and I am going to have to back the line and take the favorites in this one. Get your bets in and get rich and if you want you can throw some money at me for the help.