How Pissed Would You Be If You Were Tim Tebow?

sanchezPoor Timmy is all I gotta say. How big of a slap in the face is it to trade for a quarterback only to try and ruin his career? If you don’t think the Jets just wanted to screw Tebow over you’re crazy. Everyone knows Tebow wants to be a quarterback. Whether anyone thinks he could be an NFL quarterback is irrelevant because Tebow doesn’t care. I’m sure he hated every single second he was on the punt team but he decided he could put up with it until Mark Sanchez showed his true colors and he could swoop in and save the day. Unfortunately for him, Rex Ryan is one of the worst head coaches of all time and brought the Jets down with his decision to stick with Sanchez week in and week out. And to boot, he goes and gives the job the last two weeks to the 3rd string quarterback who was inactive for half the games. Um, that makes total sense. Sure you can argue all day about which guy is better, and McElroy might be a better quarterback but what is the point of trading for Tebow if you have a guy who could be your future already on the roster? Let’s bring Tebow in, make him put on 25 pounds so it screws up his mobility and throwing, so we can have a guy we can run a fake punt to twice all season.

Tebow could have gone to Jacksonville and been starter by week 4. That team is god awful though, so I don’t blame him for wanting to go to New York instead. Think of the decision from Tim’s point of view: I’ll go to New York, get to live in the city, sit behind Sanchez until week 4 when they have 3 losses and Sanchez is playing like the terrible quarterback he is, take over a team with a solid defense, good running game, and who cares who the wide-out’s are because who needs wide receivers?  I think the Jets would definitely be in the playoffs if they handed the team over to Tebow earlier on in the season, but they would have been the same as the Broncos last year. Not really contenders because the defense is good but not that good and the offense has no weapons to come from behind and win a game. I would LOVE to see Tebow go to the Vikings next year. They have a very good defense, the best running back in the league, a solid tight end in Rudolph and a wide receiver in Percy Harvin who can do whatever you need him to. If that isn’t a perfect place for Tebow to thrive I’m not sure what is. And let’s face it, Christian Ponder is garbage. He won’t win you any games, and he sure as hell can lose you games single handedly. Tebow might  not win you that many games, but he is excellent at managing the game and making smart decisions to put you in position to win.

I know most of you reading this probably hate Tebow and think he sucks, but any normal thinking human can’t possibly not feel bad for the guy this season. If you win 8 games in the NFL at QB you deserve a chance to lose your job, not be subject to the side show known as the New York Jets. Vote and tell me what you think, whether you feel bad for Tebow this year or whether you think he deserved to be part of this joke team.

This Plane is Going Down

This morning, 3rd string quarterback Greg McElroy of the Jets spoke out about what really went on in the Jets locker room this season on a Birmingham, Alabama radio show. Watch the clip and listen for yourself, just skip to the 2:25 mark to about the 3:15 mark:

This is exactly what I would expect the Jets locker room to be like. You have Plaxico Burress at his locker calling his boys to see which bar he needs to bring his glock to, Santonio sitting at his locker reading his stats sheet, Rex in his office trying to decide what he wants to say about Bill Belichick and which guarentee he wants to make this week, and Mark Sanchez reading ‘Football for Dummies’ at his locker. Oh and not to mention LaDanian Tomlinson icing one of his fake injuries that he acquired because it was a big game and he couldn’t handle it. This has got to be one of the craziest groups of offensive guys I have ever seen on a football team. I was never really a fan of the Jets, and I honestly do feel bad for anyone who calls themselves a Jets fan, just because one person can only take so much heartbreak in their lives, but come on. You can’t honestly put this group of players together and think you are going to win a Super Bowl. How do you even fit all of those inflated heads in one locker room?

I give McElroy props for coming out and saying this. Many other NFL players are not so happy about the remarks but frankly its not their place to say anything about this kid. You have Ryan Clark of the Steelers tweeting “@RealRClark25 Who cares about Greg McElroy ! He wasn’t even good at Alabama. Why do we care what he says? Isn’t he 3rd string? Who’s his dad again“. Are you serious buddy? You are doing the same thing as him this week and sitting at home because you can’t even play in the first round of the playoffs. Someone needed to say something, and you know the Jets “leader” Mark Sanchez wouldn’t say anything because he can never pull the trigger and do anything, so maybe Plaxico should handle that…pun intended. In all seriousness, the Jets should probably start this guy next year at quarterback. You gave Sanchez his chance, and he has blown it, and in my eyes was lucky to even get to two AFC Championships. McElroy obviously isn’t scared to step on toes and put guys in their place so give him a shot.