Bye Bye Jrue

Nerlens-NoelAfter a few months of drinking myself into forgetting that Andrew Bynum didn’t play a single game for the Sixers last year, I decided to check in on the NBA draft the other night and see what the future might look like for the Sixers. First words I hear are that the Sixers traded Jrue Holiday for Nerlens Noel, a big man with knee problems. Then I thought to myself, hmm, that sounds familiar. Oh that’s right, I was subject to watching Spencer Hawes shoot 3 pointers every night last season because Andrew fucking Bynum didn’t play. The Bruins had just lost the Stanley Cup, and now the Sixers trade by far their best player for a rookie who won’t be able to play until December. I honestly jumped out the window, luckily for me I live on the first floor but still. So I let it sink in after a few days, tried to play the “NBA didn’t confirm it so it’s not true” card for a while. Then I finally came to my final conclusion of how I felt about this trade, I wish I could have been standing next to Sam Hinkie myself and just been like, “Sam, just when I think you couldn’t do anything dumber you go ahead and do something like this. And totally redeem yourself!” I like this new GM, he’s got balls clearly and knows that the Sixers are so awful that it’s going to take a few years to bring a championship to Philly. Sure Jrue was an awesome player and I’m sure he’ll do great things if he can ever get past the fact he’s playing for a team named the Pelicans. But let’s face it, Jrue wasn’t a leader at all. Some guys can lead, some can’t. Jrue couldn’t and that was apparent last season. Now we have a guard in Michael Carter-Williams who has the same size as Jrue and could turn into the same type of player, and a legit big man as long as we keep him off the bowling lanes or anywhere near Spencer Hawes. Not to mention if we play bad enough this year we could lock up Andrew Wiggins AND have the Pelicans 1st round pick which will easily be in the top 10. The last time I’ve been this excited about the Sixers future was this time last year when we traded for Andrew Bynum, so I’m not sure what any of this means but all I can say is I can’t wait for another season of Shitty  Sixers basketball.

P.S.- If your looking for somewhere to buy confetti the Wells Fargo will have plenty because there is no way those confetti machines are going off more than 5 times next season

NFC Playoff Picture

Unlike the AFC, the NFC Playoff picture is pretty set right now. All the teams are in but one, and Green Bay has already locked up home field advantage throughout. Now, because the Jets are absolutely horrible and are dream killers, the Eagles have no shot of getting in, and it looks like their improbable playoff chance would have worked out had the Jets just been able to win. The Giants look to be the better team heading into their game against the Cowboys for the NFC East title this weekend, as Romo most likely will be playing injured. The last thing you want against a pass rush like the Giants is a quarterback who has to think about his injured hand all game.

While the playoffs teams are pretty much in, I think the NFC playoffs will be much more competitive and exciting than the AFC this year. In my opinion, every team in there will have a shot (unless the Cowboys pull off the upset this weekend). San Francisco has a ridiculous defense, only giving up 1 rushing touchdown all year and that was last week to Marshawn Lynch who had about 18 rushes inside the 5 yard line. Pretty impressive. The Lions, we all know, haven’t played a playoff game since probably before I was born, so while they have no experience, their offense can win them at least one game. Stafford is playing out of his mind lately, and he has the best wide receiver in the NFL to throw to.

An offense which may be even hotter than Detroit’s is the Saints. Brees breaks Marino’s passing yards in a season record in just 15 games, and it seems like they are putting up 40 points every week. They beat a good Atlanta team on Monday night, and at this point I might give the edge to these guys in the playoffs. They have so many weapons with Colston, Jimmy Graham, Lance Moore, Meechem, Darren Sproles, Pierre Thomas I mean the list goes on and on. The only way to beat the Saints is to create pressure, something a Giants team could certainly do if they are matched up together. The only way I see the Saints losing is a stunner to the Giants (if they happen to play each other) which is very possible if the Saints miss out on the 2nd bye. The Falcons are a tricky team. They have all the tools but they just don’t seem to have the intensity every game. Something seems to be missing this year. Matt Ryan has the ability to play great and also has the ability to take his team out of the game. I like the Falcons to win one game in the playoffs but don’t see a deep run this year.

Lastly, the Packers are the head of the NFC. That being said, I saw a game against the Kansas City Cheifs that made me rethink these guys are unbeatable. Aaron Rodgers looked horrible and that defense could barely stop Kyle Orton and Jackie Battle, yeah exactly. They will be a tough team to play, especially seeing as the road to the Super Bowl goes through Lambeau, but I see an upset in the making. Last year they were a hot team who were playing playoff games the last 4 weeks of their season, and kept that intensity going right into the playoffs. This year, they are the 1 seed and will be resting players this last week and getting a week off. That can be a dangerous combination for a team who has only lost 1 game and won the Super Bowl last year. Look for a very close game and possibly an upset in their first playoff game. If the Packers can make it past the 2 week lull with a win, they might be going to the Super Bowl. So what do you think? Who is going to win the NFC? Vote below and if you are lucky enough to have an Android, you can download my new app by clicking on the link on the side of the page or searching Tbows World in the Android Market.