Sixers vs. Hornets: Instant Reaction

That. Was. Ugly. Joel Embiid was resting because the Sixers are trying to beat the Celtics for the first time in 32 years tomorrow night, but you would think having everyone else healthy would be enough to get a pretty easy win in Charlotte. Well, you would think wrong. This team never makes anything easy. I sometimes view it as a blessing in disguise because it’s always good to gain experience playing together in close games instead of blowouts, but boy would it be nice to win a game here easily.

Simmons was ridiculous offensively in this game, scoring a pretty quiet 28 points. Butler came up huge again in the 4th quarter, which has been his specialty since joining the Sixers. He clearly plays at two different speeds every game, which is somewhat concerning. But hey, if they get it done in the playoffs who cares what it looks like. Oh, and J.J. seems to have finally come out of his funk, almost getting a triple double with 27-10-8. I didn’t think it was physically possible for him to get 10 rebounds. That might have been the biggest takeaway from the game. Hornets, how the hell do you let the least athletic human in the NBA get 10 boards. SHEESH.

A win is a win, especially in March and tomorrow is a chance to go up 4 games on the Celtics, essentially clinching the 3 seed which would be gigantic. I’m not excited that the Sixers are coming off a back to back with travel, but at least the big fella got an extra day of rest and hopefully he can figure out how to not look completely terrible vs Al Horford tomorrow night. Trust the Process baby!


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