Top 10 Best Shows on Netflix

I always see people tweeting or posting on Facebook asking what shows are good on Netflix for them to start watching. Now I have spent countless hours watching Netflix, sometimes even sickening to think of what other useful things I could have been doing with that time. Regardless, I have become a Netflix guru and can guide any of you looking for a new show to watch down the right path.

office10. The Office– I’m assuming most of the people reading this already watch The Office, but if you don’t then this is the perfect show for you to watch. I didn’t start watching it until about season 4, so I started from the beginning and watched in order and I think it was much funnier when you watch in sequence as compared to just picking up random episodes when it’s on. By far one of the funniest shows on TV, although there are only a few more episodes left which sucks as bad as Michael Scott Paper Company.



9. Blue Mountain State– Here is another comedy show for you, which is about a college football team and is basically just them drinking and doing gross stuff every episode. Thad Castle might be one of the best characters in television history, and his character alone is reason enough for you to give this show a shot.




8. The League– If you like football, or fantasy football especially, this is the best show you’ll find. It literally describes what my fantasy football league is like. Yeah, it’s kind of pathetic that fantasy football can make my mood go from happy to wanting to off myself, but there’s nothing better than hoisting that fantasy trophy over your head when all your hard work has paid off.




7. Gold Rush– There is only one season on Netflix right now, but the 3rd season just finished up and I’m sure they’ll throw the 2nd up there sometime soon. It’s a reality show following these guys who want to travel to Alaska to dig for gold. It’s a pretty interesting show, you can actually learn something if that’s what your into. If not you can let the actual facts go in one ear and out the other like me.




6.Teen Wolf– You know what, I might catch a lot of heat for this one, but I don’t care. They just added the first two seasons and it’s a fantastic show. You don’t have to say it out loud, you don’t have to discuss it with anyone, hell you can keep it a secret if you want. But if you watch this show you’ll like it. Modern day spin on warewolf’s or however you spell it. Stiles is one of my favorite TV characters as well, not on the level of Thad Castle but he makes the show what it is. There’s some laughs, some cries, some of everything. Just enjoy it and you can thank me later.




5. The Walking Dead– If you like zombies you will love this show. And even if you don’t love zombies this show will get you to love zombies. The show got extremely popular following last season, and the newest season just ended last week. There’s so much blood. Like, a lot of blood. And guts. And zombies. And more blood.




4. Prison Break I just recently watched this show, and as a result had 2 weeks of my life be unproductive from lack of sleep because I had to keep watching the next episode. The first season can compete to any season of any show, that’s how good it is. As it goes on, the story line gets a little played out but picks back up at the end to make for a solid show. It’s definitely an action thriller about two brothers, one who’s put in jail on death row for a crime he didn’t do and the other brother commits a crime so he can break him out. If anything, you have to watch the first season, you won’t be disappointed.


breaking3. Breaking Bad– If you are into smoking dope, cooking meth and fighting drug lords, Breaking Bad is for you. But if you’re not it’s still for you. It took me a while to get into the show because the main character Heisenberg is the dad from Malcom in the Middle. Overall it has a great story line and keeps you on your toes. Make sure after you watch the show to head down to your local pharmacy, pick up as much pseudo as you can and then you can cook meth with the best of em!


madmen2. Mad Men– This show is one of my favorite shows, and it’s a little different than most TV shows around. Some people find it hard to get into just because it is set in the 60’s so it isn’t an easy show to relate with, but then again I don’t cook meth in my underwear so I guess Breaking Bad isn’t easy to relate with either but you know what I mean. It’s about the main character Don Draper who is a creative director for an advertising agency back in the day. There are some factual things mixed in which is kind of cool, and overall the plot and story line just make this a much watch show. If you sit down to watch this and think it’s terrible 5 minutes in, you just need to make it through a few episodes and you’ll be hooked.


sons1. Sons of Anarchy– I don’t care who you are, what you like or anything. Sons is the best show on TV no questions asked. This is one of those shows that you really can’t predict what is going to happen. Just when you think you might know where there show is going, something that will make you want to throw up will happen and blow your mind. To sum it up it’s a show about a motorcycle club in Cali that sell guns to gangs and basically go around doing whatever they want.