Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow finally was brought back down to earth on Sunday (maybe not actually in his mind) when his Broncos were beaten by the Pats 41-23. Yeah yeah Saturday Night Live called it, Jesus wasn’t going to be in Denver Sunday to save Tebow but it wasn’t even Tebow that needed the help. It was Von Miller and his defense. Tebow played pretty solid, aside from his turnover on a poor read. He accounted for 2 rushing touchdowns, both on which he needed to bowl through defenders to get to the endzone. Plain and simple the guy is good and hey, he will probably even make the Pro Bowl in a season in which he didn’t play the first 5 games. Granted, the AFC doesn’t really have many great quarterbacks aside from Tom Brady. You have to think with what he has accomplished bringing his team to victory in 7 of his 9 starts, 6 of which in unlikely fashion he at least deserves consideration. He is throwing the ball (when he actually has to throw) to guys who probably would be on the practice squad on many of the other teams in the league. Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas are his top two and while they have some skill they certainly aren’t a great supporting cast for Tebow.

My prediction is that the Broncos go in to Buffalo next week and throw up a 40berger on them. The Bills let Reggie Bush run for 200 yards on them last week. Yes, 200 yards. I think Tebow might go for about 100 on the ground and add another 200 in the air combined with 3 TD’s. The Bills and Ryan Fitzpatricks disgusting beard have packed it in this season, I mean its hard to go forward after you win the Super Bowl in September (Bills 34 Patriots 31). With that I believe if my math is correct the Broncos would clinch the AFC West as they have the tiebreaker over the Chargers and Oakland who are both a game back. I can tell you the Broncos will be a scary team in the playoffs, especially since Jesus is free every day after Christmas.


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