Sixers Take First Place

Lock it up! Sixers win against the New Orleans Hornets tonight and take hold of first place in the Atlantic Division for the first time this season. They are in first place and not looking back. This team has what it takes to make a deep run this year. Maybe not win the championship but they could definitely knock off a few teams in the playoffs. They were the only team to play their first five games on the road, and didn’t have the luxury of playing the Wizards twice and the Nets like the Celtics had, but they came out of the road trip 3-2 and could have easily been 5-0. Jrue Holiday is looking great early on, and you can tell by watching that a year of playing together helped this team enormously. Lou Williams is averaging 20 points a game off the bench, and they are getting production from different guys every night. I am pretty sure they might be the only team in the NBA to be actually playing team basketball rather than one on one, and quite frankly it’s because they don’t have a great star player that can take over a game. They know that to play well they need to play together, and they are playing great together right now. Call me crazy but I think this team could end up in first in this division at the end of the season too. Oh, and congratulations to whoever was my 1,000th view today, if I knew who you were I would give you an invisible, meaningless pat on the back. Thanks for reading!


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