Back to Reality

Tonight is the first of three meetings between the Celtics and my beloved 76ers. The Celtics have won 5 straight games and are only a game behind the Sixers, which is surprising that the Sixers are still even in first after the loss of almost all their big men for a while. Here is the thing about the Sixers. They play the good teams tough but don’t have the scorer yet to win them those 1-2 point games. When they play teams that aren’t in the top 5 in the league, they usually demolish them and that is what I am expecting them to do to the Celtics tonight. The Sixers have the number one defense in the league, and the Celtics are lucky to put up 90 points a night, most nights falling somewhere in the mid 80’s. Pair that up with the fact that the Celtics are playing on back to back nights, and I am looking for a 15-20 point beating by my Sixers. Sure the Celtics play some good defense, but honestly I just think they are too slow and old for this Sixers team. I can see the Sixers running up and down the court in transition all day, so look for a large discrepancy in fast break points tonight. Plus the Sixers bench is 100 times better than the Celtics. This game is a power move in the Atlantic. These are the only two teams with a chance of winning it, and it’s questionable to even give the Celtics a chance in my opinion. The Knicks are garbage and so are the rest of the teams in the division, so this game will clearly show who should win the Atlantic. Also, if you are a Celtics fan, prepare yourself for a long couple of weeks. After tonight the Celtics began playing some West teams, starting with the Trailblazers at home but then a West Coast road trip to LA, Golden State, Sacramento and Denver, wrapped up by games at Atlanta, Milwaukee and Philly again…good luck.

Tbows pick- Sixers 102 Celtics 72


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