Bounty System for Goodell

This just in. Roger Goodell and his top assistants have been adding money to a pool encouraging the suspensions and fines of players in what was referred to as a “bounty system”. Goodell was rewarded every time he fined someone or suspended someone for what would be considered a normal football play a few years ago.

This whole bounty system thing is ridiculous. If anyone in their right minds thinks any of these players who are getting paid millions to play to the best of their abilities and want to win football games were going out there and somehow trying to hurt players to get an extra 10 grand then they are out of their minds. Yeah let me just take a run at someone after the whistle so I can hurt them, get fined 50k but, hey, ill get 10k from our cool bounty program. Sounds like a sweet deal huh? Anyone that has played football knows that it’s virtually impossible to intentionally hurt someone within the rules of the game and without malicious intent that would warrant a suspension most likely. If you could injure someone and take them out of the game within the rules, players would do it every single play. But to say these players were deliberately going out there with the intentions of hurting a player in the back of their mind, I think is absurd. It just doesn’t make sense for a player to risk getting fined or suspended for extra money which would just be headed straight to the league office.

I’d even go so far to say that the bounty system was good for some players. Granted, it shouldn’t be seen as a bounty system and should be called something else, but say a guy went out there and made a great play on a guy and he tore his ACL and was done for the year. Some guys obviously feel bad naturally, but they get to the locker room and get 15k and it helps them move past it. Ok that might be a stretch but regardless this whole thing is being blown out of proportion, go figure, by Goodell and his vision for the NFL to be the NFFL or National Flag Football League. We should have a bounty system for whoever can get him out as commissioner.


What do you think?

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