NFC East Debacle

So going in to the final two weeks of the NFL, the most intriguing division race is the NFC East. The Cowboys, Giants and Eagles all have a shot at winning the division, and they all play each other within the next two weeks. First we will talk about my Eagles. The Eagles have the toughest route to winning the East, but to their credit they are the hottest team going in to the final 2 weeks. They face off against the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas this Saturday in a must win game. The Eagles handled the Cowboys pretty easily earlier this season, and I am looking for the same thing on Saturday. The Cowboys looked good last Saturday night, but that was against the Bucs who might have packed it in after a very disappointing season. Now, in order for the Eagles to win the division, they need to beat the Cowboys and then beat the Washington Redskins in Philadelphia in week 17, along with the Jets beating the Giants this week and the Giants beating the Cowboys in week 17. That’s a lot of “ifs” but it is very possible.

The Giants are playing the Jets in a battle of New York this week, and as bad as the Jets looked last week I am picking them to beat the Giants. Both teams have played dismal as of late, but the Jets have found a way to win late in the season the past few years, and they are now in a much tighter race for the AFC Wild Card. When the Cowboys and Giants face off in the Dirty Jerz in the final week of the season, the Giants will be looking to play spoiler. The Giants and Cowboys have a true hate for each other, and while the Giants hate the Eagles as well, there is no better way to end the season by ending someone elses season. Tony Romo always finds a way to lose the big games, and this will be the biggest game of his season. They have a shaky run game without DeMarco Murray and DeMarcus Ware has had a nagging injury that has kept him from playing a full game. In week 17, Eli leads his G-Men past the Cowboys and opens the doors for the Eagles to win the division with an 8-8 record.


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